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I'm just going to go on record as saying that the VIP Gold tickets I bought were completely bogus. The way Ticketmaster presented these tickets online during the presale led me to believe that a VIP GOLD order came with access to a preshow buffet, exclusive gift, reserved parking space, and potential for backstage tour. After calling Ticketmaster just now (the day of the performance) because I had not received any information about the VIP instructions, I was told that the "VIP" GOLD only gave me access to Tier 1 tickets and a gift that is yet to be determined. Instead, I would have had to buy the "Party Package" to have access to the other benefits I listed above. This makes me wonder What the hell makes VIP Gold "VIP"? I think this reflects very poorly on all parties involved in the promotion and execution of this show: Ticketmaster for the way they promoted this level of ticket (for which I paid more than face value of each ticket) at time of sale; the promoter for apparently organizing these packages and being complicit in potentially false and definitely poor advertising of benefits for each level; and the entire U2 organization for incredibly poor Quality Control. While I'm sure the show is going to be great, this tarnishes the entire experience for this tour. I have seen every tour since ZooTV, and this was the first time I actually decided to do VIP and truly get the full experience. The only level that was presented as "better" was the Red Zone, which I didn't get as I wanted a seat. I'm sure my posting this will do no good and no one within the organization will probably ever see this, but to all who care -- this sucks! A band of this caliber should be better than this. Fans who support them by buying into the advertised VIP experience should truly get a VIP experience as expected. Tonight, I will not. -- Edward

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VIP gold as advertised:


  • Premium reserved price level 1 ticket
  • Exclusive U2 Tour VIP gift, not available to general public – shipping included!
  • Limited availability

I remember that was the exact wording during the pre-sale. The party package was a separate deal and so was the VIP parking.

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