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Dallas May 26 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread

Max Tsukino

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#TJT30  #TJT2017  #U2 #SOE #POP #RattleandHum #ASOHC

Dear U2,

I know you can't hear me but hope's the last resort...

Please STOP dropping " A Sort of Homecoming " from the setlist and play " Little Things " at every single show, we love it, we want SOE !

Thanks for your time,

Your fan - Cris

PS: I know you won't play any *POP* songs at the show but at least play a Rattle and Hum song........It's the companion album to The Joshua Tree, guys.....!!!

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I've had the good luck to see U2 in my hometown of Memphis on the PopMart Tour, but that (even with the lemon and Edge singing "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" (obligatory Elvis reference) pales in comparison to the Dallas show. Bono was in epic voice Friday night, and the others weren't to be outdone. 

I loved the way this salute to Joshua Tree isn't just wallowing in nostalgia; the urgency of this music is even more real today than back in 1987, and the video/photography footage is breathtaking. My beloved (and under-appreciated) Running to Stand Still was one of the show highlights for me. 

I would have loved to hear The Little Things, but can't have everything. My only quibble with the show isn't with U2--it was with some of the fans, who spent as much time going to buy beer as they did listening to the music, meaning they had to disturb half a row of people every time they went out.

The Lumineers were an inspired opening act--fit the America-centric theme of TJT, and it was nice to hear more of their music. 

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What a night. About my 30th show and one of the best. I saw the original Joshua
Tree tour back in '87 and this was just as good, if not better..

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