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Current Setlist Sucks and Needs To Be Changed Up Big Time

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I'm sorry but the current setlist does not work well so far on this tour. The band needs to tweek it by geting rid of Sunday Bloody Sunday as the opening song and get rid of Pride. These songs have been overplayed on every tour and quite frankly the diehard fans would rather hear some other material. The fans would prefer to have Sort of Homecoming back in the set as well as other songs never performed live before. How about starting the show with God Part II, Hawkmoon 269 and then Heartland ? as the band has never toured the Rattle and Hum album in America, Bad then All I Want Is You into Streets and then play the Joshua Tree album. For the encore Miss Sarajevo just kills the mood and needs to be dropped. How about playing Kite, When I look at the World and maybe some JT B-sides instead ? Why play the same boring setlist every night ? 21 songs just doesn't cut it anymore. Don't just go through the motions on this tour U2 like previous tours. Make this tour a tour to remember,,,need to play at least 23 songs. What about this setlist:

God Part II

Hawkmoon 269



All I Want Is You

Streets and rest of JT album


A Sort of Homecoming

Indian Summer Sky

When I Look At The World


Spanish Eyes (Walk to the Water or Luminous Times or Sweetest Thing or other JT B-sides)

Boy Falls From The Sky instead of Little Things (save Little Things for the next tour)

Love Is Blindness...

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U2 has never been a band known to change setlist during a tour. They prefer to play the exact same songs night after night, which given their loyal fan base who follow them around from city to city is surprising. I would suggest the reason for this "static" setlist is do to the massive production they put on. I must say "The Ennie Minnie Moe" part in Exit is become annoying to listen to. WTF U2 that's a kid song. They have a week off after the Dallas show maybe they will rehearse new material ? I heard Ordinary Love might get put into the setlist. Not my favorite song but better than Miss Sarajevo.

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I must say I was expecting a more Joshua Tree Tour themed concert than what has been presented so far. I agree the above setlist would work better with those Rattle and Hum songs. Would give it a more desert theme. Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday sound tired and overplayed. Miss Sarejevo just ruins it for me.

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Yes please drop SBS, Pride and Miss Sarejevo. Replace them with other songs. Agree about Miss Sarejevo. That song worked well on the Vertigo tour but not on this tour. But if Bono thinks/wishes he is an Opera singer what can we do ? This band will never be a Springsteen and play for 3 hours or a Pearl Jam and play completely different songs each night. They seem to need a lot of practice and time to rehearse new material and since Bono is out trying to save the World all the time this ain't gonna happen. Why do you think the new album is taking so long ?.

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On the last tour the main body of the set was static but the start and encores were flexible and no two nights back to back were the same. There is no reason why this tour couldn't be the same.

I have a sense that the band aren't really as serious about this tour as they have no new album to promote. Just the same twenty-ish songs for the remainder of the summer I fear.

Now don't get me wrong, obviously they are putting on a great show as can be seen on YouTube. However it just seems like they're not going at it full tilt.

"How many songs is that Edge? Twenty-one? That'll do."

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Well hard to imagine they would change the set list because it is a complete show again with the visuals, no improvisation or risks - all that stuff is for young and hungry men I guess. Bruce Springsteen is on his own level have seen his 3½ hour show yeah he has earned his nickname. When I have looked at some clips of this tour of U2 I cannot get inspired to travel abroad for a show the original TJT concert is enough for me and a cherished memory in a different time, a different place


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