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Current Setlist Sucks and Needs To Be Changed Up Big Time

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Yes. They've dropped Homecoming (for now), which is really disappointing, as it was refreshing to hear that again live. Hope it returns. My view would be that as we know the main body is what it is, and is the essence of the tour (I hasten to add, a tour that I certainly wasn't expecting in 2017, so fair play to the band for going into stadiums this year) - but I do also wish they would mix the rest up.

The point has been well made already, some limitations will be there due to the 'show' element of a U2 concert, I imagine that can stifle 'improv' to a degree. I also agree SBS is a poor opener, I was surprised , and still am surprised at that. With Pride, looking from the outside in, I always get a sense of tiredness with that song in recent years, however when I'm at a live show in the audience - it still works. Can't say the same with SBS, even though there was relevance I guess when I last heard it live in Belfast and that risque pre concert thought of ' wonder what way they'll spin this one.'

Look, I don't want to knock the band - as stated, I feel privileged that I will get to see them again this year, and since 2005 I always been thinking this'll be the last time - but they do have so much more in their locker that they could surely recall back to the live stage as they have done with 'Homecoming.'

What about a bit of 'Sweetest Thing' again. A memorable b-side from 87 and arguably the better stripped down version (in my opinion) than the later (Bono apology) version that came out a few years back?

It's not uncommon for a U2 set to change over the duration of a tour. However, this tour as far as we know for now, is considerably shorter than previous tours - so will they have the time to shake it up?

I'm really pleased with the quality and delivery of the JT tunes all the same.

Wish list....

 - A bit of 'Please', followed by a dash of  'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own', with lashings of ' Electric Co.' or 'Dirty Day' rounded off with a lovely smooth 'Trying to Throw Your Arms Around World' or indeed '40'. 



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I understand not wanting to change up the songs on the main stage, due to the preparation of the visuals.  

(A particular shame, because Miss Sarajevo seems to be unanimously loathed this tour, and the Ultraviolet visuals seem to be a mismatch.)

But I don't see why they can't be much more flexible with the B-stage songs.  Slightly changing the order of the same songs, doesn't really qualify.

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I'm going to be a voice of partial dissent here. Yes, I really wish they would have swapped out Pride or Sunday for A Sort of Homecoming, but they're still both great live. They are touchstones at this point.  I really wish Heartland had been in the mix too. But, we can't always get what we want.

Here's where I disagree with the majority it sounds like, I wasn't initially thrilled with Miss S on the list, but seeing it live it was a highlight of the show. The visuals were extremely moving. It's a beautiful song and Bono let Pavarotti have the opera which (just for me personally maybe, I don't know how many Pavarotti fans intersect with U2 fans) was a moving memory of their collaboration with the greatest tenor. I really loved it live when taken as a whole. My son who was sitting with my mom in seats during the show said at the end it was his favorite song of the show (it was relatable for him as a child seeing the kids in the video and hearing the girl talk about her dreams). That surprised me because along with Exit, I'm sure it's the song he had the least pre-exposure to. In looking through IG this morning and at the local show review, we're not alone in finding it a powerful moment and moving without being maudlin or schmaltzy.

And, to be more contrary, I also like Ultraviolet as a ZOOtv touchstone and found the visual style took you into memories of that show. And as a woman who was verbally assaulted twice (by the same mysoginist) at the show, any message that is pro-female is both needed and welcome.

I know we all have our wishlist of songs, but on the whole I loved the show. 

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My feelings about the setlist is that I generally can't complain about what they're doing within the tour (in other words, I don't think it's fair for me to complain if a show they did in California had the same set as a show in Houston; the overwhelming majority of the audience at the California show isn't going to Houston and vice-versa), but that I want to see some differences from each tour.

Since it appears A Sort Of Homecoming has been taken from us before its time, here are the songs from the JT album played on JT17 that weren't part of IE15:
-Running To Stand Still
-Red Hill Mining Town
-In God's Country
-Trip Through Your Wires
-One Tree Hill
-Mothers Of The Disappeared

So right off the bat, there are seven songs they're playing each night that they didn't play during the last tour.

I agree that the show opening, as it seems on paper, without A Sort Of Homecoming, gives us too much of what we got the last time around.  But I suppose the counterargument to that is that it's a different arrangement of Sunday Bloody Sunday compared to I&E.  New Year's Day hasn't been played regularly since the 2010 leg of the 360 tour (it made three seemingly random appearances in 2015 on I&E), so I think it's fine that it's back.

For the encore portion, although they've been played live before, Miss Sarajevo and Ultra Violet (Light My Way) were not played on the I&E tour.  Fans haven't had a chance to hear those songs live for at least six years (depending on whether you caught 360 in '09, '10, or '11).  That's exactly what I think U2 should be doing - don't send good and popular songs to a permanent grave, but give them a tour off.  It's great to have a chance to hear a new song (The Little Things That Give You Away), although I wonder if it being played live now means it won't make the album - all of the songs that U2 played in 2010 that were supposed to be part of the next album ended up being dropped from it, and I can imagine a repeat scenario. 

I don't think the setlist is that bad, actually.  And all of my comments are with the caveat that I haven't seen the tour yet, and sometimes these things play very differently when you're in the room than they do on paper, so maybe it's all brilliant when you're there.  But I'd say the "problems" here are the following songs:
-Sunday Bloody Sunday
-Pride (In The Name Of Love)
-Beautiful Day
-I Will Follow

Those are all songs that were played at most (and some at all) shows on the I&E tour in 2015.  Going back further, most or all of those songs were played each night from the 360 tour in 2009-2011.  And same story for the Vertigo tour in 2005-2006 and the Elevation tour in 2001.  It's not that all of those songs need to go away forever.  But, for instance, U2 played Bullet The Blue Sky every night (or almost every night) on Joshua Tree, Lovetown, ZooTV, PopMart, Elevation and Vertigo.  It was nice to give it a break during 360.  And then I was a lot happier hearing it during I&E.  I think all of those songs could use a similar break.  I think they tried to give One that kind of break on the last tour and kinda chickened out (it wasn't part of their opening night set but ended up closing most of the shows).  Sunday Bloody Sunday, Pride and Bad made sense as a pre-JT warmup.  But if there was ever a tour where they had the thematic excuse to give Beautiful Day and Elevation a rest, this was it.

The tour that I have the fondest memories of, in terms of a varying setlist, was the Vertigo tour.  True, the middle of the set was pretty set in stone, but there was so much variety within the show itself.  Depending on when and where you saw the show, you might have seen City Of Blinding Lights, Love And Peace Or Else, or Vertigo as your opener.  You might have seen 40, Bad, Vertigo, With Or Without You or Fast Cars as your closer.  In the beginning of the show, you'd get a couple older songs chosen from a pool that included The Electric Co., The Ocean, Gloria, An Cat Dubh and Into The Heart.  The first encore was wildly different depending on when you saw the show, including such varied selections as Zoo Station, The Fly, Mysterious Ways, Until The End Of The World, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (both the electric and the acoustic versions), The First Time (being played live for the first time ever), Discotheque and more.  The second encore was primarily new songs, as the band had an album they really believed in and wanted to play for the audience.  The Vertigo tour, hands down, was the best I've ever seen U2.  They played their new material with a passion and a fire that I haven't seen them attack new material with since, and their variety of older material was constantly changing and often unpredictable.

I wasn't expecting the same for a tour where 11 songs being played are known in advance, and where there's no new material.  But I am disappointed that the band isn't taking more opportunities to either play songs from that same time period that don't get played a lot (like A Sort Of Homecoming or the Joshua Tree b-sides like Spanish Eyes), and are also playing a lot of songs that were played on most or every nights of the previous few tours.

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On 27/05/2017 at 5:41 AM, kitemaster said:

I'm sorry but the current setlist does not work well so far on this tour. The band needs to tweek it by geting rid of Sunday Bloody Sunday as the opening song and get rid of Pride. These songs have been overplayed on every tour and quite frankly the diehard fans would rather hear some other material. The fans would prefer to have Sort of Homecoming back in the set as well as other songs never performed live before. How about starting the show with God Part II, Hawkmoon 269 and then Heartland ? as the band has never toured the Rattle and Hum album in America, Bad then All I Want Is You into Streets and then play the Joshua Tree album. For the encore Miss Sarajevo just kills the mood and needs to be dropped. How about playing Kite, When I look at the World and maybe some JT B-sides instead ? Why play the same boring setlist every night ? 21 songs just doesn't cut it anymore. Don't just go through the motions on this tour U2 like previous tours. Make this tour a tour to remember,,,need to play at least 23 songs. What about this setlist:

God Part II

Hawkmoon 269



All I Want Is You

Streets and rest of JT album


A Sort of Homecoming

Indian Summer Sky

When I Look At The World


Spanish Eyes (Walk to the Water or Luminous Times or Sweetest Thing or other JT B-sides)

Boy Falls From The Sky instead of Little Things (save Little Things for the next tour)

Love Is Blindness...

  Yep.....I like this setllist.......I'd also have " The Unforgettable Fire "  thrown in.......Also.....not so sure about " When I look at the world ", would have THE FLY or Until the end of the world instead.....(not necessarily in that order)....

Here's mine:

1st Part of the show

Hawkmooon 269  (with long guitar intro)

God Part II (crazy solo version, also Larry goes wild)

When Love Comes to Town (it tells You that LOVE has just come to town)


A sort of Homecoming (first of all because it's f*** great and then because its sparkling ending blends in perfectly with Eno's synth at the beginning of Streets, also they're the openers of U2's 4th and 5th albums so ....)

Streets & TJT in sequence


THE FLY (You Know WHY)

Until the End of The World

The Unforgettable Fire (which can be inter-changed with B-sides like Walk to the Water, Deep in the Heart, A Room at the HEartBreak Hotel, Dancing Barefoot, Luminous Times and the likes)

Promenade  (which can be swapped with any *POP* song, I know I'm in the minority here)

Would love to hear Bono say ; "  Thought we'd play this one...because, well....Why not ? Isn't that right The Edge ?"

Boy Falls From the Sky (I really love this one and thank you so much for bringing it into discussion!!!!)  on some nights and Little Things on other nights (cause I looove it) .

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Apart from The Joshua Tree songs the rest of the setlist doesn't inspire me either.

I get the point the central focus is ....The Joshua Tree.

There are songs on this tour I imagine will not be played again but then again there are songs being played I would rather not hear again  live for a number of years!

My preference would be to only have songs in the setlist up to Rattle and Hum.

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I think  for a retrospective tour the lads should play a different set list .. agree with most others on this thread that songs like heartland and hawkmoon 269 should be revisited along with classic live staples such as tick tick and the cry/ electric co.

I would love to see em play kite at twickers as this was an absolute corker at the coming home gig at Shane..

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This setlist seems very carefully curated on a thematic level. I am not sure how much they'd be willing to play with the emotional story that it is telling. So, while I don't really need to hear SBS or Pride again, I do see the point they are making in that setlist order. Would be happy to replace one or both with a different song, though. I like having NYD back in the set.

I will strongly go to bat for the inclusion of Beautiful Day and Elevation. I find that part of the encore set to be extremely powerful. Those two songs provide a level of catharsis after the Joshua Tree songs. Those are two fantastic, uplifting, optimistic songs. I find them more powerful here than in Elevation tour, Vertigo, 360 or I&E. The visual presentation of Beautiful Day is stunning and feels like a ray of hope blasting through the stadium.

On that note, Bad makes a lot of sense in the encore set, providing an intense feeling of release. I do not see why they have played it *before* the JT songs a couple times.

Miss Sarajevo has a beautiful visual presentation, but it is a mood killer in the encore set.

To fit what U2 is going for with the set, you can't just list songs you want to hear. You want pre-JT songs in the opening set that are about war, conflict, exile and social upheaval. (Which is why Sort of Homecoming works really well there and should be brought back!) Don't know if they'd consider doing a post-JT song in that set, but they do have several along this theme they could choose from.

The post-JT set should be about release, hope, optimism, and togetherness. A lot of songs would qualify here. I could see a lot more variety in this section.

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