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On 4/30/2018 at 11:46 PM, susanheatonchasteenlovesartandu2 said:

This is funny because I am just now back on here after almost a year.  I finally got the correct information from a very helpful fan friend of mine.  Nothing suggested, worked.  When I got to Soldier Field that day, many friends suggested to have my card double-checked to see that everything was taken care of, so I did.  They checked it and all was apparently good.  When I went to enter, after being in line all day, my card didn’t work.  It would not scan.  Many, many people were pasig me by.  I debated with the scanned and told her all that I had just done to ensure it was working.  It was a mess, but she finally got it to work.  Sorry about the very, very late reply.

I did not purchase tickets when they went on sale for this tour, for my town of Chi.  I ended up buying an extra from a friend.  I didn’t like the smell of the greed and the sexual relationship between TM, live nation, and Stubhub.  Not that my voice matters because it doesn’t in the end... but I’ll be there at United Center.   

Did you go to the box office for help?  As you probably know, there is no permanent box office.  They have a trailer which is usually set up and it's on the east side of the venue.  I've never seen a more efficient box office when there are lines a dozen people deep.  They move.  I've watched them many times.  How did you get your CC checked before going into GA?  Was it Soldier Field or TM?   The lady in charge is very gracious and incredibly helpful.  She even thanked me for noticing how smoothly the box office was at the height of frenzy on days of shows.  If you got your CC checked by the venue and then had problems-let me know.  It never hurts to call them.  They are very accommodating.

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