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Checking in, lineup, etc. RZ info--?

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Hi RZ veterans--

Could you folks describe what the procedure is like?  I see from the RZ email (for me, Chicago 2) that there's some kind of "check-in" area.  I gather one gets one's RZ wristbands then?  Do you get actual paper tickets as well?  Once you're "checked in", can one leave the area for a while, or do you have to remain in some cordoned area?  And once having checked in, then there's some kind of line for RZ entrance proper?  It'd be helpful to hear from now RZ-experienced folks what the deal is--thanks!

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Chicago 1 will be my 4th Red Zone experience. 2 years ago in Chicago at the United Center there was a RZ line that formed starting at the table near the RZ entry gate. We got there about 3 hours before the gates opened and were only about 15 people back. Hung out in line with some really cool people and I ended up having pizza delivered right to us in the line. About an hour before the gates opened they distributed the wrist bands and had us form 2 separate lines (that tour had 2 separate RZs). We received an envelope with a ticket (more commemorative than real I recall) and a raffle ticket for the back stage tour (which I actually ended up winning). Looks like they are drawing the winner the day before this time.

You could probably leave the line after getting your wristbands, but will miss out on getting prime spots up against the rail (if you even care about that).

Last time RZ had its own separate entrance from GA.

Hope this helps.

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