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Chicago June 3 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread

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We arrived at 11am. We purposely didn't sit right up against anyone. Many came after us and cut in line. No one was checking numbers after the thin line -where it was still gated, but wider. Why wasn't anyone checking numbers and letting others jump line? When the line moved everyone merged pretty fast & tight, I was pushed out of way. I like the numbers on hand and moderator helping out. About 150 cut. Not happy how was handled.  How was wrist bands given out Friday?  Things should be consistent and managed by someone for GA. Please advise protocol. 

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Didn't have much time to share thoughts Sunday or yesterday, as I was out enjoying the sights of the city. I posted what I called "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of U2 in Chicago" on my Facebook page, I'll share those thoughts here.

The Good: The live show works incredibly. After listening to the album a few times over the last few weeks. I wondered how it would work live. Side A works brilliantly together, but I started to doubt the ability of Side B to captivate a crowd. After all, some of the songs there have not been played live for three decades, and some "casual" fans may have been harder to get over with. The re-working of these songs, though, really helps keep the audience engaged, and manages to breathe life into them, and keeps these songs alive. (one of the hosts of our local classic rock station, Q107 Toronto, is a Facebook friend of mine, and read these comments on-air Monday morning. I was quite flattered when I heard that he had mentioned me by name)

The Bad: Despite the fantastic sound and comfortable seating, the stadium was not without its drawbacks. Getting in was a breeze. We had parked earlier in the day at Millennium Park, and had planned to Uber to and from the show when we returned from sightseeing. When we dropped off our stuff at the car, we found a free shuttle, and saved the Uber fare. We were told that the last bus back would be at about midnight. When the show ran a little later than expected, we decided just to walk back what Google Maps told us would be a thirty minute walk. What Google Maps did NOT prepare us for, though, was the fact that this stadium is so poorly planned out. So many exits, but all seem to bottleneck people leaving through one gate. It took well over an hour to get to the parking garage.

The Ugly: When I got up the following morning, my feet were punishing me for the hell I'd put them through the day before. My fitbit was on EST, so I had almost put in my 10,000 steps before I even went to bed, lol.

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To Laura (who the UK guy thought was my sister since we got along so well), her husband, and son from the suburbs- Thanks for hanging out with me in GA before the concert. Great meeting you all. Hope you all had a great time! From Marie from Milwaukee.


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