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According to atu2, there's 9 new US dates plus some South American dates:

September 3 - Detroit at Ford Field
September 5 - Buffalo at New Era Field
September 8 - Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium
September 10 - Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium
September 12 - Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium
September 14 - New Orleans at Mercedes Benz Superdome
September 16 - St. Louis at Dome at America's Center
September 18 - Atlanta at Georgia State Stadium
September 22 - San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium

October 3 & 4 - Mexico City at TBD (either Foro Sol or Azteca)

October 7 - Bogota, Colombia at Estadio El Campin
October 10 & 11 - Buenos Aires, Argentina at La Plata
October 14 - Santiago, Chile at Estadio Nacional
October 19, 21 & 22 - Sao Paulo, Brazil at Morumbi Stadium


* still unofficial at this time, but I'd put money on this list being 100% accurate.



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Ever since the 1983 War Tour performance at Red Rocks (U2's first video release in 1984), it has felt like a special bond exists with the band here in Denver and the Rocky Mountains.  We really wish the band could book into Denver for the Joshua Tree Tour!

I missed that Red Rocks show but saw the band at the 1983 US Festival a week or so before.  I also traveled to NYC to see the final Madison Square Garden Innocence Tour show and again to Houston a couple of weeks ago for Joshua Tree.  All fantastic shows of course!

We love you in Denver, boys!  Wish we could have you here this tour!

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1 hour ago, rlj1010 said:

I'll bet Atlanta and New Orleans still get announced, in a separate later announcement... just not today.

Yeah, I think you could very well be right on that.  Not super excited about the Superdome for a venue, but that is on the edge of my 500-mile "must attend radius" so I'll be going if it gets added :).

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