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Where were you when "The Joshua Tree" first came out?

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Making a b line for the local record store and making a purchase. This was in the days pre midnight opening n all that malarkey which seems so strange now. I was 18.

Just bought it, stuck it on the turntable....and , yeah, well.....was always able to skip over 'Bullet' quite easily at the time - just lift the needle! (grown to love and understand it since).

The first 3 tracks got worn out quite quickly due to over play on my record player - such were the times we lived in!:)


I was at home living with my brother and parents.

I'm now married with 4 kids and looking forward to Dublin 2017.

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I was a high school senior writing this review of The Joshua Tree for the school news paper. "The Joshua Tree is the album that tears off these false and restricting labels and makes it unmistakably clear who U2 really are - a powerful, exciting and though-provoking band that will be a major force in rock music for a long time to come."   Ya think?!



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