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Gate entry email

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Nothing about Red Zone but for those that didn't get this thought it would be helpful:

Attention Fans!
This message is being sent on behalf of Lincoln Financial Field in regards to your upcoming event.
Lincoln Financial Field
We want to ensure you have a great time at U2 and are clear about how to best get IN!  Here are some notes….
If you purchased General Admission Field 'paperless'/credit card entry tickets, you must enter at the South Gate located in the South West Corner of the stadium on the 11th Street side of the stadium.
Just show the credit card used for purchase and a photo ID at the entrance, receive your Field Access wristband, and you’re IN! This the only gate you can enter for this show.
If you purchased Fan Club Non Field ‘paperless’/credit card entry tickets, please enter at the Verizon Wireless Gate located on 11th street side of the stadium.
Just show the credit card used for purchase and a photo ID at the entrance, receive your seat locator, and you’re IN!
 If you purchased tickets and have the tickets in your possession , you can enter through any of the other stadium gates except you cannot enter  the stadium through South Gate, Panasonic VIP nor SCA VIP entrances. We encourage you to use either the Xfinity Gate or North East gate to help expedite your entry. 
With Paperless Tickets/credit card entry, please be sure to bring the credit card used to purchase and go directly to your entry gate. If you purchased tickets for friends, you must all enter together as tickets cannot be transferred to other credit cards. If you have both Field GA and Reserved Seats on the same credit card, please go directly to the Guest Services windows that are located at the northwest side of the HeadHouse Plaza, next to the XFINITY Gate (under the flag poles) with your credit card and picture ID.
Have Fun!
Ticketmaster Fan Support
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Ok, just spoke to a human person. She gave me solid info in addition to the above. I asked her to share it on their site, but in the meantime...

1 bag of 12" x 12" x 12" per person are allowed, they do not have to be clear NFL standards. Food may be brought in but must be in a clear ziploc bag, no larger than 1 gal in size. No beverages of any kind are allowed, empty reusable water bottles not allowed (this chaps my azz, but anywho...). I suggest bringing in an empty disposable water bottle to try anyhow - 1 you don't mind losing. Pro-tip - keep a water bottle cap in your pocket in case they are the kind of place that keeps the caps when they sell water.

Doors are open at 5pm.

Parking will be $25 for a regular car, $50 for over-sized vehicles (like RV)

Set times:

Lumineers - 7:30pm

U2 - 9:10pm

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Those set times don't seem quite right. For every single U2 show I've seen over the past twenty years, the opening act has gone on at exactly the time printed on the ticket. That's 7pm for this show. They generally play for 45 minutes, and then U2 comes on 45-60 minutes after that. 

It could totally end up being right - but I would highly recommend that fans trying to skip the opening act arrive well before 9. 

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got this email today:


To view this email as a web page, go here.


Sunday, June 18, 2017, Lincoln Financial Field

Field Seating Entry Instructions

We want to ensure you have a smooth entry into Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday for the U2 concert.  Below you will find instructions to best enter the stadium based on the ticket you purchased for the event.

All General Admission Field 'paperless'/credit card tickets must enter at the South Gatelocated in the South West Corner of the stadium off of 11th Street as shown below in the stadium diagram.

    FieldSeatingPicStreetOverview.jpg           FieldSeatingPicStreet.jpg

For entry, bring the credit card used for purchase directly to the South Gate to be scanned for entry.  If you purchased tickets for additional people, your group must enter together as tickets cannot be transferred. Upon entry each member of your party will receive a Field Access wristband. 

Doors at the South Gate open at 5:00 pm on Sunday.

Enjoy the show!

The Lincoln Financial Field Box Office

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8 minutes ago, klhrabosky said:

Fwiw, the Lumineers are fantastic! 

You may be right on set times. I'm just sharing what the lady on the phone reported.

I apologize if it came across that I was doubting you personally - I totally believe you and appreciate that you posted the info.

I just wanted to throw my own experiences out there just in case someone was reading this and thought "Great! I'll show up at 9:10 and not miss a thing!" and then found out that the band had started a few minutes earlier.

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