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Friend Coming Later - Advice

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We arrived at 630 pm.  Lumineers scheduled for 7 pm.  Easily able to get spot near top of tree in RZ just 3 rows back.  Formed a tribe with about half dozen die hard fans and we protected our space near the rail as we took potty and beverage breaks.  Even had an incident where a couple came late and snuck in front of us.  The verbal uproar was intense and after some negotiation and Security involvement they moved to the back of the RZ.   It was a bit ridiculous that we were all so close and were able to afford RZ and the charity involved with (RED) but we made  a stink about the two party crashes.  Thankfully it ended well with no one getting tossed out or a physical altercation.  

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On June 20, 2017 at 0:38 AM, Synj said:

Can you clarify a couple things for me?

1) you were #45 in the RZ line? Where did you find out about the line #? Was it when you arrived at the show or social media?  Numbers were only assigned when you arrived at the Red Zone arrival area by a fan who was at the front of the queue.  You would check in with them and they would write your number on your hand with a marker.

2) You had rail behind Edge with that #? Where was everyone else gravitating?  It was mixed, there is a camera boom that is on the side of the RZ stage which can block some of the view if you are closer to the bottom of the tree limbs.  Very few people seemed to gravitate at the bottom of the main stage- moreso runway and the tree.  Ryan Tedder (one republic lead singer) came down off the stage and ran around just along the inside of the rail at one point.

3) Did you stay in that space for the main stage performance as well?  My friend who was joined me was as happy as could be where we were situated, so we did end up staying there.

4) In Miami, how many people is 20ft back? 10-20?  Miami there was maybe 5 rows of people in front of us.

5) Are you saying you enjoyed your GA experience more than your RZ experience?  I did enjoy the GA experience more, but it was also my first show for this tour too which could very much have something to do with it.  My friend who joined me for RZ in Tampa was not with me for MIA and she loved it just as much as I had the first show.  You will too no matter what ends up happening!  



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