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Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

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In order to buy presale tix for the Rose Bowl #2 (1st U2 concert for me - incredible!!) I purchased the U2.com membership from Ticketmaster for $50. It was just a box to check along with ticket purchase. I didn't get any codes but my receipt shows the subscription for 1 year. I didn't receive any email info about last week's presale and when I signed on, it said I was using a free or expired membership. I contacted both U2.com and Ticketmaster. U2.com didn't show any membership for me and TM showed my purchase, couldn't understand why U2 didn't show me, but said they had no way to help. I contacted both Customer Services on June 6 & 7 and got standard replies and promises to hear back within 12 hours. I finally got an email from U2.com at 2:17 AM today saying "we see that a ticket bundle was purchased. Since this is the case, you would not be receiving a new code. The codes would have been issued to fan club members who joined the fan club directly through the U2 website." That's ridiculous! A membership is a membership! I did get to buy my GA ticket for San Diego this morning on the public sale. Has anyone else had this problem with memberships bought through Ticketmaster?

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1 hour ago, artalvarez said:

New Orleans ! Super excited. Nervous but feeling adventurous. Any tips and things to do before after the historic return to No ?

traveling from Los Angeles :)


artalvarez, you'll love New Orleans! If you're coming in on the Tuesday, September 12, hit the Maple Leaf Bar for the Rebirth Brass Band. http://www.mapleleafbar.com/  http://www.rebirthbrassband.com/ . Keep your eyes on the Gambit Weekly for entertainment news - it looks like they list events for one month at a time. https://www.bestofneworleans.com/  There are 93 days til show, so you have plenty of time to research and check out the scene before you head in. 


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14 hours ago, lulu15 said:

Well, im stuck with them with 2 subscriptions for another year. Even tho i used a presale code, ticketmaster MADE me buy another subscription.  not happy with how this whole thing was handled and have never had a problem before.  Im a long time member and my loyalty was compromised.  I dont see the point anymore.  Congrats on your GA!  The only way to see u2!!

Same here, longtime subscriber too. That would make me not happy too. Wonder why that happened. Maybe someone at U2.com can make it right. Agree about GA. But after Chicago, I think I better workout to be ready for September. ?

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18 hours ago, Max Tsukino said:

This is why the recommendation about never let your subscription lapse goes in effect... ;)

I never have. Came close a couple of times because I almost forgot, but remembered just in time. ?

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