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Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

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9 hours ago, lorenaeck said:


By the way, it's strange that no fan is getting red zone ... where are those tickets?????

I got RZ tickets. I know a friend that also got RZ tickets.

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The new rules restricting access to pre-sale tickets for concerts in Brazil constitute a serious contractual breach of the signing agreement. Completely unfair, disrespectful and unethical. .

I made the subscription with the expectation of being entitled to the 4 pre-sale tickets. And quite arbitrarily, the rules were changed and restricted access to a right that I paid to acquire.

Absurd! I'm completely outraged and disappointed. I ask that the measure be reviewed. It's the least you can do with respect for the fans.

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The band have to be ashamed of what is happening in Brazil during the sale of the tickets for their shows. Every day a different punch in the fans. Today some radios have announced that there will be another further change in the sales policy for the third show: only u2.com subscribers will be able to make the purchase online. The general sale will occur only at physical points. What is it? Oh really? First the arbitrary restrictions on pre-selling, now this.

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I don't know is this is the right topic but still:


I tried buying tickets for Sao Paulo today but at the last step I couldn't get through because I didn't insert CPF (11 digits). I've got a feeling this is Brazilian taxpayer registry identification, but I'm not Brazilian.

I aslo couldn't choose any different types of delivery except pick ap at the venue and then I also could insert "Informações adicionais" successfully.


Anyone managed to buy the tickets from abroad?

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