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Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

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26 minutes ago, pablovi said:

Why are Redzone tickets the same price as General Admittance? For Mexico City.

Or to put it another way, why is General Admittance this pricey? 

I agree! Mexico City GA/Pista ticket prices are more than double what I paid for my Toronto GA tickets. That being said, I still gladly bought Mexico City GA tickets.

"The price the market will bear" is Ticketmaster's approach, I'm sure. I wonder though if South American GA ticket prices are more comparable to US and Canada GA prices?

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1 minute ago, GUILLECONTRERA said:

From Argentina no problem. I'm in the second group (Wire group) and I could take 2 tickets with my code. The problem is when I wanted to take another 2 tickets again and the webpage didn't let me take them out (Pin used). It seems that only can take 4 tickets in the same transaction.

from FAQ : http://www.u2.com/help

In Argentina, Colombia and Chile the presale access code is good for a single transaction only. Fans cannot purchase 2 tickets and then return to the site to purchase another 2 tickets with the same code. In Mexico and Brazil, it is possible to make multiple purchases with the same code until reaching the 4 ticket limit.

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Q - If someone has part-used their presale code in the leg 1 presales (for shows between May 12 and August 1), will they be able to use the rest of it on leg 2 presales (for shows in September and October)?
A - YES, up to a maximum of four tickets per subscriber.

I bought 3 tickets in the leg 1 presales (Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam), but I tried the brazilian's presale and my code didn't work. "Invalid". Why?

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27 minutes ago, Chori said:

GA it is expensive for Mexico show, compared to the US ticket price. But the Red Zone is much more expensive ($7,100 pesos, $390 USD aprox).


Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 10.46.05.png

RedZone for Minneapolis is about $350...so not that much more, plus about a billion dollars in TM service fees... :)

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10 minutes ago, pablovi said:

Si, claro, está pegado al escenario, pero de un lado. No ves bien todo el escenario ni todas las pantallas ni iluminacion. Sobre todo esta gira, que tiene una pantalla inmensa, que debe ser apreciada a cierta distancia. La verdad ya no estoy tan joven como para querer ver a a Bono et al. de cerca. Prefiero ver el show entero y escucharlo tranquilo. 

un favor... den chance de que este thread sea para los problemas de la preventa. Comentarios sobre el red zone y el concierto de mexico en su seccion

por su atención, gracias...

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