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Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

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Just now, corianderstem said:

I was half-kidding on that.  But if you have a full 4 tickets available on your code seems to make all the difference.  Will keep trying, and will try again tomorrow during the next presale.  Thanks for working to try and fix it with Ticketmaster.

consider 1 ticket at a time... apparently, it gives some results

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2 minutes ago, Max Tsukino said:

our codes are no different nor special...

Issues have been reported... keep trying and have patience. Use a different browser and/or the app

I've used the app and 3 different browsers without success, since 10 am. I have 2 of my 4 allotted tickets left, but cannot unlock anything except Red Zone and VIP.

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Just now, james busick said:

Fair enough.  I'll trade the hours for a better view any day.  RZ has a great view for a small portion of the show, but not so great for most.

And you don't need to wait or make a line, at least here in Mexico, unless you want to be right next to the railing in center. Which is not really a way to enjoy this show. 

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6 minutes ago, james busick said:

People with new memberships will probably be able to get GA tickets easier, as the issue seems to be that 2 or more tickets were already purchased with the code.  The few who have all 4 left prior to today are getting GA.

Not exactly. I have four unused codes. The only way I can even get GA to show up as an option for San Diego is if I use the mobile site on my phone.  

I got all the way through to confirm purchase and the page crashed.  When I tried again, it told me that I had exceeded my ticket limit.  

What a mess!

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