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Boston - Downtown to Gillette - Skedaddle

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Unfortunately, the MBTA will not be running a special train to Gillette Stadium for the show. Alternatively, my group of 4 has joined a charter bus trip on skedaddle.com. There are 5 people on the bus now, and we have to have 10 for it to go live. Those next 5 spots are $30/person. We'll leave from Biddy Early's pub in Boston at 4pm on Sunday, and the bus will bring us back after the show. You can reserve without your card being charged (it will charge you 48 hours before the ride if there is 10 or more people signed up), and can cancel up to 48 hours before event. I've looked at similar charter bus options, and this is by far the cheapest. 

The link for the ride is letskedaddle.com/events/8566

Let's help each other out! 

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I posted something like the below message to another thread about meeting up to hang.


I live in Cambridge near Davis Square.  The Burren, near the Joshua Tree, is a better spot.  I'm game to meet there any time or day (Friday, Saturday).

I am also open to hosting up to three people at my condo who need places to sleep (more if the floor is okay for the late comers).


I have a GA ticket, so I'll be driving  some time in the morning for the show.  Four others can fit in my car too.

Send me a private message if you want a ride or a place to stay and we can see if we click.

* Erika

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I called the MBTA and they said Gillette has to order the train.  I called Gillette and they said the MBTA makes the decision.  I've tweeted to a couple of news organizations to see if they can get to the bottom of this.  They had a train for the Springsteen concert.  

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