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Useful Info for Out of Towners

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Thought I'd throw up some information for anyone traveling to Phoenix for the show, please feel free to add/correct anything I've put down here.

UoP Stadium is on the far west side of the city in Glendale, AZ. There is however a very nice hotel called the Renaissance that is very close (see picture), so if you're just coming for the show and are looking for some place close, that's your best bet. I cannot vouch for cost, I've only stayed there for work and can't remember but most hotels in Phoenix in the summer are reduced rate.

That being said, take a look at the Fairmont Princess, Biltmore, JW Marriot Desert Ridge, Arizona Grand for possibly discounted resort rates. These are nice resorts that sometimes offer great rates for the summer. The caveat is, none of these will be all that close to the stadium, so it will require a drive depending where you stay.


There are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby on Bell and at Arrowhead Mall approximately 10 minutes north of the stadium. If you want a better feel for Phoenix, you'll need to head a little further east to Scottsdale/Phoenix which is 20-40 minutes away depending on traffic.

Golf is cheap during the summer. But drink lots of water.

It will be approximately 100 degree weather during the day. Hang out by the pool, catch a movie, stay indoors, drink water.

UoP stadium is a dome, the roof will most likely be closed, but it does have AC. I cannot speak to the GA experience as I've never queue'd for GA at UoP. People in Phoenix are pretty cognizant about the heat and the impact it has on visitors, so I imagine there will be accommodations, but someone more in the know would have to answer those questions.

Skyharbor International Airport is approximately 30-60 minute drive to the stadium depending on traffic.

Good shopping areas include: Desert Ridge, Arrowhead Mall, Fashion Square Mall (nicest and largest, but also furthest), Biltmore, Scottsdale Quarter, Kierland.

If you're coming for the week/weekend, take the time to drive up to Sedona/Grand Canyon, it's not very far from Phoenix, and offers weather 15-20 degrees cooler and some of the most unique landscapes you will ever see, including one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

Tucson is about 2 hours south, I'm not sure I'd recommend going unless you want to visit the Catalina Mountains, or a highly recommended trip to Kartchner Caverns outside of Sierra Vista. A stunning state park show cave. It's much cooler than I thought it would be. Very unique.

Hope you enjoy our desert paradise, don't forget, water and sunscreen.

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Great post! I have queued up for GA at UoP stadium for 360 tour. Hopefully it will be in the shade. I won't be doing GA this time, as I just did it at Rose Bowl 1, and my buddy wants actual seats. But, the GA for 360 was reasonably well organized. If the line is in the sun, though, please take the tips about the heat seriously. Bring umbrellas or some for of shade with you. And water, water, water.

I live very close to the stadium, so if anyone needs any tips please let me know.

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I live close the stadium too. I plan to get to the parking areas early and hang out in the restaurants that are close to the stadium. The stadium area is called WestGate, and has many restaurants, shops. I am going to do GA if I can get it, but go into the stadium later since I've already done 2 GA's already and been close to the band.

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Local and life-long Phoenix resident here.

If you are driving from a far distance like myself, be mindful of the traffic on the freeways.  Rush hour traffic tends to get very busy starting around 3 to 330pm.

Current weather forecast for Tuesday is high between 90 to 93 degrees with a chance of afternoon thunderstorm. Like the original post said, University of Phoenix Stadium has a retractable roof. Hopefully weather will cooperate and the roof will be open once Beck takes the stage. My only concert experience at the stadium was the U2 360 show and I remember the roof was open. I'm sure the U2 sound crew will be able to get the sound right if the roof is closed, but my personal preference is roof open.

I found stadium info for Tuesday in this link:   http://www.universityofphoenixstadium.com/events/2017/u2-the-joshua-tree-tour-2017 

quote from info page:

Event Information

Box Office Opens: 10:00am
Parking Lots: 3:30pm
Gates Open: 5:30pm
Concert Begins: 7:30pm

General Admission Policy
The fan-run wristband line/list for U2’s Joshua Tree 2017 Tour stop at University of Phoenix Stadium will begin on Tuesday, September 19th at 7:00am. The wristband line will be located on North loop road near the Pat Tillman statue. A pre-entry sign up will be conducted to assign numbered wristbands for guests who have general admission floor tickets. Ticket holder must be present to obtain wristband. One wristband per guest. Guests who are unable to sign-up in advance at North loop road/Pat Tillman statue are able to go to Gate 2 starting at 3:30pm to reserve your spot behind the pre-entry GA floor line.

*Camping out overnight will not be permitted on stadium grounds.


Not sure if there needs to be a separate thread for the stadium info link




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