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How come rules change out of the blue? / Brazil Subscribers [MERGED]


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Thank you all for your replies. It is just a little comforting l am not alone in this. I wonder why u2.com has turned a blind eye to our complaints.  It is like now because it is and silent.  

Well, many subscriber will also turn their blind eyes when the time for renewing comes.... 

I am still completely disappointed 

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On 21/06/2017 at 1:38 PM, AndreaMassula said:

Below, the reply U2.com has just sent to the member Fabiano Lopes... We cannot accept that!!!


"Sorry to hear of the issues you were hav­ing. The management has deemed it necessary to place on the FAQ's that the code is a one time use code. The change was to as­sist fans when trying to get up to the ticket limits placed on the presale. Once you made the pu­rchase the selling site would not open the presale with the code that was used previously."

So the management decided to place that information after the presale had already happened. Why? If they wanted it to be a one time use code, they should have made that information known before even the first show presale and not just simply change the rules in between them. Why did multiple purchases were allowed for the first gig and not for the second one?

The subscribers had already made plans to buy tickets for more than one show because, let's be real, everybody knew that U2 would not come all the way to Brazil to make only one show, right? So, people made plans to buy their tickets using their codes for more than one show since the presale info said that multiple purchases were allowed. And then, out of nowhere, this rule changes and the ones who still had valid codes simply got invalid codes. Does the management really thinks this is fair?

It seems to me that the change was made only to benefit U2.com, because that way people would have to make another subscription in order to have access to the following presale.

If that wasn't enough, Tickets for Fun site it's totally messed up,  and even who had valid codes and could enter the purchase page, was not able to buy tickets because when we selected the tickets and continued, the site displayed a message of error saying they weren't available, although there were plenty of tickets available. U2 and Live Nation should never work with Tickets for Fun again!


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Unbelievable how they seem to ignore our complaints.  It can't be fair. I doubt they would have changed the rules if there were any more concerts to come in the EUA or Europe.  

I feel the urge to explain to those who are not from Brazil or Latim America that the U2.com subscription is a NECESSITY for fans here. It is not easy to buy tickets as it is in North America and Europe. Some of us have bought tickets for concerts abroad and couldn't believe it. 

Buying U2 ticktes is a mission impossible because a few reasons. First, they play few concerts here and take too long to come. Second, l have no idea why but Ticket for Fun has come up with ALL sort of problems.  In 2006, we spend 15 to 24 hours in line ( a real line, in person) because they couldn't print the tickets! We were sent home with a piece of paper and the promise we would be called and they book a day and time to buy the tickets.  A nightmare!!! 

Once we needed to call to buy tickets, l mean we needed to DIAL!!! Can you imagine it? How fair can a phone call "line" be? 

We have experienced the most bizarre problems with all kinds of ways to buy tickets. We also have to compete with scalpers.  

It is important to pount out that we have great, popular bands and singers coming here quite often, we have a huge Rock Festival, whose tickts are sold out with an hour or so, but the total chaos only happens when it is a U2 gig. 

Because of this, we pay U2.com subscription to have our tickets more peacefully and comfortably, it has not happened this year. We didn't have our part of deal, we feel cheated. 


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this changing of rules to brazil presales is completly DISRESPECTFUL and UNFAIR, not to say it's almost FRAUDULENT selling a subscription with some beneficts, advertising the rules on how to use the presale benefict and, after, changing this rule throwing lots of paied subscribers on this HUGE disadvantage situation of not being able to reuse their codes for buying the tickets left on the 4 tickets limit.

I have sent a message on the 'help' U2.com page, and they answered me that the paied subscription does not GUARANTEE the purchase of the tickets ... come on, i never asked that, that's clear to me. I'm simply asking the RIGHT of using the benefict i have, as a part of a paid subscriber beneficts, on the rules that were advertised on U2.com website on the presale day for October 19th concert. On that day, rules CLEARLY allowed multiple purchases to Brazil, up to the 4 tickets limit.

To now, u2.com email answers are pretty clear on there's nothing to be done, which is frustrating, disrespectful and, to me, almost fraudulent by denying me the right to use a benefict i have paied for.

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A third concert in Brazil has just been announced and U2.com team keeps ignoring all of the harmed fans about this whole presale codes thing.

What happened regarding this multiple purchases policy change is pretty dishonest and disrespectful.

I'm sure none of us ever thought that we would be deeply betrayed by our favorite band's organization.

Presale starts tomorrow morning and I still believe that U2.com team will change their mind and do what is right.

Don't be evil.

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