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FOR SALE: I have (2) extra (great) seats for 6/28

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Hello my U2 friends...

I bought (4) great seats through the fan club in section 135, row 3 for U2 at Metlife stadium on 6/28.  My wife and I are using (2) of the tickets and thought friends were going to go with us, but now alas...We have (2) extra.  Also these are the (4) seats just off the aisle, so although my wife called "shotgun" on the 2 aisle seats (she's newly pregnant :)), you'd have the next 2 over.  

Obviously just want face value for the tickets which is $315 each (all in price with all fees) so $630 total.  Happy to show you whatever makes you comfortable that the tickets are legit.  In fact you will be sitting with us so really just looking for 2 nice/cool people who love U2 as much as we do.  

Anyway if you are serious/interested please PM as I'm looking to get rid of the tickets as soon as possible so I don't have to think about it.  They are the credit card entry so looking for payment before, and if you're in the NYC area happy to meet you in person if you'd like.  On the day of the show since we have to go in together would love to meet up in advance so we're all relaxed going in to the show.   

Basically I would love these tickets to go to two great fans like us so we can all have a great time. 

Look forward to hearing from you,



P.S. If you write I would appreciate if you didn't tell me ANYTHING about the show.  I love seeing my concerts "blind" as I love the surprise of not knowing what's coming next.  To me it's like if you knew the end of Shawshank before you saw it, it would change your experience of it.  I love experiencing everything "the first time" if you know what I mean.  Thanks.  

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