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Light My Way for Women

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Just returned from a fun night at the Toronto show!!

I feel, though, I should organize rather than agonize. I was disappointed in the Light My Way dedication to women. 

While some inspiring women were featured, I found many to be of the same political bend. There is such diversity of women who light the way, it was unfortunate that was not better reflected. 

Mother Theresa is an obvious omission. But there's also such women as Temple Grandin- a figure not just for women but also for individuals on the autism spectrum. 

Margaret Thatcher broke a glass ceiling and paved the way for many of the female politicians who followed- something that's definitely worth acknowledging regardless of what one may think of her politics. 

St Catherine of Siena is also a giant in the Catholic Church- a woman who was strong enough to work day in and out with those in hospital no one else wanted to work with. She's also a woman not afraid of putting a Pope in his place! 

These are just a few of the perhaps less conventional, but still trail blazing women that could have been featured. 

While not every worthwhile woman can be featured, reflecting the diversity of women is important. 

If we're too narrow in our focus in who we celebrate, we send the message that in order to be a strong woman, one must fit within one social and political mold. This seems to be the opposite of encouraging all women to think and believe for themselves and to be strong in acting in her convictions, according to her conscience. 

With that, I want to offer an invitation in this thread. I invite all to share their stories of the women who inspire them- famous or not, alive or not. 

And I offer a challenge, let's use this as an opportunity to listen and learn from one another. To not debate about who one finds inspiring, but rather to learn more about the diverse mosaic of all strong women of the world ?




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