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Broken arm in plaster of paris and entrance to venue


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Hi All,

I had a bad luck a week ago during basketball game and have broken one of my right short arm bones.

In consequence, I got a plaster of paris on it, which must stay for at least 4-5 weeks.

Unfortunately, this means that I will go for U2 in Berlin with such secured hand and have a question now, if there could be any problems with entering venue due to potentially "dangerous" stuff I can bring in...

I mean, if stewards at gates control may think I can hurt someone with my arm in hard and heavy plaster or they will not be able to inspect what is behind that plaster they may consider that I am trying to sneak a knife or anything else and do not let me in...

I don't know what to think and if I should be worrried or not.

Have tried to get answer from ticketmaster.de where I bought my tics, I wrote also to livenation.de , but I got no responses so far...

Is there anyone who has similar experience and had any issues with getting into venue or all went fine?


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