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Any pitch 1&2 or pit?

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Hi, on Ticketmaster it doesn't show any pitch 1&2 but Dublin does.

Does that mean for Twickenham there is unlikely to be any crowd control barrier or pit dividing the main floor? At Vertigo there was a barrier at Twickenham.

If there isn't then i guess not much point queuing really early in a GA line.



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There hasn't been a "pit" on any of the state side shows so far, so would suggest that there won't be any in Europe for show at soccer or rugby stadiums. 

Croke Park may be the exception due to the size of pitch. It's around 140 metres long. They may simply be dividing it for H+S reasons 

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Cheers, if anyone hears a rumour about a divide can you let me know. I'm heading their on my own for sat night so don't fancy queuing up really early just to loose my floor spot when I go to the bathroom!! More than happy to chill out further back and then enjoy red zone on Sunday with my better half.

Also, does anyone know of any tributes or U2 themed nights on the Friday in London? Just to make a really good weekend of it.

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15 hours ago, Mark-in-pock said:

If only for health and safety reasons, I would be surprised if there wasn't some sort of golden circle-type arrangement. It's a shame that the band don't sell tickets for a golden circle for, say, members of U2.com. 

Totally disagree. The band have always made it first come first served (with the exception of Redzone for charity) which is fair. The idea of 'selling' spaces at the front sucks, it would become a lottery.

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