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Hi all, I have not written in a while but I was at the show last night and although it was truly brilliant (mainly because I refrained from following the streams as I wanted the surprise factor!) there were a few things I wasn't completely sure but nothing to criticize tbh.

1. Not sure if Bad being played so early is really good...

2.The new song being played nearly at the end..for the casual fan it may not work, they are already tired and may not pay attention to it at all

3.Ending with an Oasis song didn't do it for me...If another song would have followed it I'd have been a lot happier...when it finished they just said Thank You and left with Noel! :(

4.Absolutely love love love Exit...

5.Visuals/screens/pictures are out of this world but I wasn't expecting anything different from them

Managed to get an amazing spot nearly in the front between Bono and Adam :)

I just wished I had another concert to go to...I am having serious withdrawals already...


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The bad bits

The queue system outside seemed to fall apart after no. 950 turned up for each queue, despite two GA entrances, there only seemed to be one queue unless you arrived silly early. We still got in before most but I don't know if people managed to turn up and get into Gate D while most people were still queueing at Gate C.

Bring back the pit. People without numbered wristbands who'd obviously been out for a beer or four in the afternoon barging through at 6 o clock past people who'd been there since the morning doesn't make for the best atmosphere (it was only a few but a "pit" would stop this happening. 

We were stood just to the right of the b-stage and Edge's guitar's drowned out pretty much all other sounds for most of the nigh, especially when Bono "spoke" rather than sang.

RHMT now sounds like a karaoke song with the keyboard backing. A really good karaoke song admittedly but it didn't match the rest of the songs.

After the innocence show at the O2, I was gutted I couldn't afford to go to another show, even though a ticket had become available. If you'd have asked me if I wanted to go back tonight, I probably wouldn't have bothered. The show, for whatever reason, and judging by other comments it's just me, just didn't grab me in the way every other U2 show has. Was it too many "they're in the audience tonight" shout outs from Bono? Was it the bad mix in the sound? Was it the attitude of the late arrivals in the crowd? I don't know.

Where was "Mysterious Ways"? I assume the slightly late start meant they ran out of time but that was the only non-Joshua Tree song I'd seen was on the setlist and it's a belter, why leave it out?

It was great, don't get me wrong but as I've said after many other shows from other bands "It was brilliant, it just wasn't U2 brilliant."

The good bits

Noel Gallagher was a great choice as "warm up". Old songs people knew, new songs that made people want to hear more.

I thought the start of the U2 set was an inspired idea, hit the crowd with classics, get them going and keep them in the palm of your hand (for another good example see the Foo Fighters set at Glastonbury).

Whilst some have questioned finishing on a new song, I thought it was a good idea "Yes, we're looking back but listen, we've got some new stuff coming too. We'll be back!"

Just leaving the stage after "Don't Look Back In Anger" was a bit odd but I'll put that down to the curfew (that they'd broken by a couple of minutes). That was one hell of a song to close the set with.

The visuals. Holy hell, that moment when the camera panned down to the road at the start of "Streets" - goosebumps! When the band was being shown "live" was done to really good effect too though.

Exit was magnificent but pretty much all of the "b-side" sounded great for songs that have rarely been done before (though we now know why bands don't play albums in order live, it just doesn't flow the same does it).

Larry-cam. Probably the moment of the night as the camera turned to the crowd and we got a little glimpse of what he sees every night.


One final note, many thanks to the steward who pretty much rushed over to me and my anguished cries as I sat down at the end of the concert. "Are you alright mate?" he genuinely enquired obviously wanting to help. "I'm fine, I'm just f***ing old" seemed to reassure him but his reaction was typical of the brilliant staff all around Twickenham yesterday. This 45 year-old may not be standing for many more concerts though.


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5 hours ago, peterferris8 said:

Gotta say, absolutely stunning. Best gig I've ever been to by a country mile. 

Thought Bono was on great form, got shivers when he started singing Bowie during Bad. 

A lot of people on here thought the daylight start would affect the visuals, particularly during Streets, but trust me, the contrast between a blue early evening sky and the bright red of the screen looked amazing. 

NOEL PLAYED WONDERWALL! That came out of nowhere, wasn't expecting it at all. 

I was quite close to the tree stage, so even though the band were far away for most of the set, I had a good view of the screen, and when they came down to play the first 4 songs, it felt like we were right in the heart of the action. 

Was great to hear The Little Things - my appetite for SOE has only been whetted! 

Getting Noel up at the end was something else - it's normally the second night of the two-night stopovers that get that it was a great surprise. 

Even though the setlist is pretty short, it still feels like an all-nighter, particularly during the Joshua Tree section. 

Exit was a massive highlight. 

Overall, just incredible.

Absolutely fantastic show, queued all day and managed to get to the front! The lack of food in fear of losing my spot once inside and the sun burn was so so worth it!!   

Just got to wait until the next tour now! always a downer when you get home. 

Well done U2 once again, you never disappoint x

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My phone battery suddenly died and is still dieing rapidly today, time to get  new phone.  So it meant I couldn't take any photos.

Was anyone in the Saturday night Redzone and wouldn't mind sharing their pictures with me please?

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8 hours ago, adrnik said:

It's strange how people's perspectives differ. We left the concert last night and met a couple who thought the sound was terrible and they felt disappointed with the evening.


Generally as a city I reckon London is always up for a party. After recent months there was a certain feel about the night that resilience would ensure it was a great evening, summed up by Bono during SBS when he invites the crowd to chant, "No More...wipe your tears away."

It seemed a little strange to begin with that we perhaps were treated to the well loved anthems of U2's catalogue at the start of the set. there was no warm to lead into these songs just an open invite to dive deep into them.

Welcome to side to of the Joshua Tree Cassette was announced after RHMT. Like others here I wasn't overly keen with the piano led version. The original guitar led possesses so much more rawness and passion. I think that is why I love the album version so much.

But I loved hearing the "side 2" songs. These were gems rarely put on display and the visuals accompanying them added beauty to the audio treats we were experiencing. One Tree Hill was magical, Exit (why the band haven't played this since 1987/8 is a mystery) was a masterpiece and then MOTD was simply elegance personified as the main set was completed.

In reflection I think I would like to see the opening songs changed especially Pride and SBS. Surely there are songs that fill these slots in the set just as well?

Again U2 pull out a stunning performance. Even my 13yr old didn't sit down for all the evening!

Actually I thought the sound was poor on night one - very sharp and harsh. Couldn't hear some of what Bono wad saying. But I've heard others comment that Twickers acoustics aren't great, especially in the stands. We were further forwards tonight and it was a bit better.

I can understand the opening four songs - they really are the four calling cards that led up to JT - the three biggest singles and the highlight from Live Aid.  And they need to go all guns blazing to get things going before launching Streets. But wish they could have kept Sort of Homecoming in there on one of the two nights. And perhaps mixed up the post JT section a bit more. Do you really need Elevation and Vertigo in the same show? And in its 20th Anniversary year not even a nod towards Pop.

And no shine like stars either night.

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Interesting comments about the sound on Saturday.  Personally I think Wembley is worse for sound but Twickenham not good, no matter how much you spend on sound equipment. A few people I spoke to said they struggled to hear what Bono was saying.  For first time at U2 gig I used a pair of ear plug filters which I have for loud indie guitar driven gigs I have to attend.  For the first time ever at Twickenham I had a decent sound.  They took out the distortion and gave me a loud, but not too loud sound where I could hear every word clearly.  Will definitely be wearing for Red Zone Dublin.  For info the pair I used were Senner Pro.

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I think with sound it depends on where you are in the stadium. I was lucky to be directly facing one of the speaker stacks hanging over the stage so I got a nice, clear sound (although not as good as the I&E sound, mind you).

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Some great comments on this thread - can agree with all points of view - good and bad.

Clearly the band played 80% of the set as a direct timeline. War >> Unforgettable Fire >> The Joshua Tree >> Miss Sarajevo >> ATYCLB >> Vertigo. Good idea but - this is where opinion is subjective - could have been better. My good and bad, from mid-tier seat 2/3 down from stage...

The Bad/'Meh'/Poor

  1. By the nature of the songs and album running order, having massive anthems early potentially robbed the latter part of the concert of momentum. 
  2. I was at Wembley in '93 and the Sarajevo link up killed the happy vibe and we struggled to get going again. I know that the band crusade for things and bring awareness, that's all part of it. But I think yet again, now I'm a father, I found the images from Syria depressing. Perhaps that's the point, but I can watch the news for that kind of thing. I don't want to pay £187 for the privilege. On that note, I can think of a dozen better songs they could have played from that era. Why no Hawkmoon or God Part II ?
  3. ;-) Why not Hawkmoon or God Part II (yes - I know. Just emphasising!)
  4. Detuned songs. Songs like Pride are now so heavily detuned even I can sing them (I'm 45 and always struggled with the high notes!!!) without breaking a sweat. Pride seems wrong now. A few others are like that but thats one of the more noticeable.
  5. Red Hill Mining Town - agree with points made before. Where's the guitar? It didn't work with the piano - in my opinion.
  6. I don't feel that Beautiful Day still works. For me it's now a bit 'meh'. Elevation on the other hand, awesome. From my vantage point, the whole floor was jumping.
  7. Ending with Noel Gallagher then just disappearing. Hmmmm. Not sure about that...great song, anthemic and all that. But yeah.
  8. Some of the visuals were a bit naff. Compared to ZooTV, PopMart etc, film of trees and things. What was the point? Draw attention to the band? That worked because the visuals were dull, mostly, so I just watched the tiny figures on stage - like I would have done if I were at a 1987 concert. Was that the point? Wille Williams is an arrogant cock anyway. ;-)
  9. Bono 'talk singing'. Play this version of Bono back to the 1984 version of Bono, and I wonder if he like what he sees? He's just short of doing that old man thing of 'singing ahead of the lines'. So many old timers do it. Is it age? Dunno. But he's got a gift of a voice. I know we all have some version or other of these songs in our heads, whether it's the album, the Rattle & Hum film, ZooTV versions or whatever, but jeeze c'mon man, sing the bloody songs. Running to Standstill is a beautifully sad song. Well with vocal range. So what's with the talking/narrative? Comes across as lazy - and I don't want that as a fan. Am I asking too much? Dunno. But watch back on earlier versions. Especially ZooTV with the majestic 'hallelujah' ending. Vertigo is another that's suffered (in the verses).
    In the same vein, vocally One sounds tired. A song I've always loved but it's not been sung with the apparent passion of the original recordings for a while now. Again - my opinion.
  10. Bono's accent seems odd these days. Perhaps it's the echo in Twickenham but his talking-in-broken-sentences-approach was odd to me. Made me feel odd anyway. And yeah - he spoke for too long at the end.
  11. Edge's Dad dancing. First noticed it on the I+E tour. Where's that come from ;-) There were times he'd rip into old school Edge but hah - yeah it's weird ;-) Again - age?

The Good

  1. Hearing The Joshua Tree played in it's entirety, live. Which covers most of the concert. Which also means hearing songs live I never thought I'd hear. Exit, In God's Country, One Tree Hill. 25 years of U2 concerts (first was ZooTV '92 and I've seen every tour since at least once) and hearing these live was a GOOD thing.
  2. The aggressive version of U2. Bullet, Exit and to some extent Elevation and Vertigo were loud, proper rock songs. Exit was stunning visually and Bono played that part amazingly. Edge's loud raucous guitar. The 2017 additions to the songs shows that they still have an immense creative force even with 30 year old tunes.
  3. As mentioned in 1 (above) it's also a good thing that anthems were played so early. Tricky to follow on but they mostly chose great songs for the third act.
  4. The new song - 'Little things'. I have stayed away from YouTube so this was my first listen. I immediately loved the melody of the chorus. The bridge. Then it all kicked off. A proper wow moment. Will listen to it again but it's great to hear something brand new in that setting. Doesn't happen, ever. A nice nod to the future.
  5. I mention the imagery above, but the screen itself was amazing. SO clear. Vision mixing some of the effects, such as Bullet and Exit were stunning for their clarity. Willie Williams is still an arrogant cock though.
  6. The intro to Streets. Goosebumps every single time. It's SUCH an anthem, but choosing this moment to fire up screen was inspired. Can't do much about the ambient light, but it's such a bright screen it didn't really matter.
  7. The fact that they remained more true to the album versions of the songs. Still Haven't Found, One Tree Hill, Bullet for example, all sounded like they went back and played them like the album. Don't get me wrong, ZooTV and I+E versions of Bullet and Running to Standstill were stellar, but was nice to see these.

Wow - sorry I droned on there. But too late to edit/cut it short now. Hmm seems like there's more bad than good, but generally I'd say the whole thing was a great experience. The bad things stuck out but I could list every song they played and mention some awesome points from each - we'd be here all day! So very glad I got to see a Joshua Tree tour as I wasn't really into music in 1987 - a point I wish I could change! Glad I got to hear new songs. Glad I got to witness Exit, hear that Streets intro again.

Glad I got to see my long time favourite band again. We're all ageing and the truth is, we never want our heroes to age, get old and tired.

But for a second there - when Bono came onstage as The Shadow Man, wearing the cowboy hat ... from a distance ... he had the same gait, swagger, silhouette of that younger version of himself. He was that person again ...  I was transported back to 1987. Surely - to some degree, that was the point!



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