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1 hour ago, MirrorballSuit said:




Agree with the points made.
Pit - yes please.
Bad - too early
Noel joining to close - good, but could he have sung 40? 

Does bullet work as a pure album version?    it's always a standout track and pushes the current political unrest right down your throat; don't get me wrong Edge was on fire but I just missed it kicking me in the balls.

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Thought Saturday night was immense and Sunday was pretty cool too but Saturday edged it for me. Band were on fire and clearly enjoying it. Only downside was as others have said the barge through of people just before U2 or during Noel to the front of stage. When you have queued since 10.15am on each day to then have very rude people with no wrist bands on, turn up and think it's ok to stand right in front of you creating an invisible space and then proceed to back into to you provocatively was unacceptable. Saturday wasn't as bad because I didn't react just moved away but Sunday 2 very rude French couples came over and cited themselves right in front of us. I swapped places with my partner as she was very upset but this time I said something and it ended with quite a few words. I am all for freedom but this was unacceptable when you have been queuing to get a great view and then have that taken away so aggressively and obnoxiously.

Apart from that the 2 shows were fabulous and the band on great form. 

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Well this is a very belated shout out of IMMENSE APPRECIATION to my favourite band in the world for this beautiful night in London, it really was an extraordinary gig, my eighth on the eighth!. I still can't believe it happened. Huge thanks to the lovely couple from Austin who filmed and photographed this moment.

My fiancé John and I would also love to thank Darren Murphy, U2's head of security who without being asked, came over and congratulated us and at the end of the night handed us the setlist, which will be framed. Thank you Darren for the cherry on the icing of an amazing cake.

Keep shining on U2, you make my life!! 

Also Mich40 and Max, it's spanna/baby daisy here, awesome moderation you're doing on these boards - looks great in here <3 <3 <3 

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