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GA line check-ins

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Really disappointed that the stupid US "check-in" system has now found its way to the UK. I'm extremely short so I tend to aim for a particular rail spot that will offer me a good view of everything, and since those spots are very popular, I queue up early in the morning or even overnight to ensure I'm not too far down the line. This has always worked out fine in the past. But now the fans are starting to hand out numbers almost two days before the show, long before it's practical for me to get there, and since there is no requirement to stay in line once you've received a number, well over 100 people are adding themselves to the list before show day even begins. (I don't know how you're even supposed to find out when and where the list is starting. I probably wouldn't have discovered it if I hadn't bumped into one of the line organisers by pure chance when I was visiting the stadium, and recognised him from previous tours.) If this is how it's going to be done from now on, I no longer have any chance of ever getting one of my preferred spots, despite my willingness to travel up the day before, go without sleep and queue all night and day. :( Can't we just revert to the perfectly fair system used on the past few tours (i.e. you only get a number when you join the actual queue), or at least not start the list more than 24 hours before the show?

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3 hours ago, peterferris8 said:

When I arrived on Saturday the venue staff were handing out numbered wristbands of their own. I was #689. So hopefully that deals with the check-in system.

No. The list was started on Thursday night or early Friday morning, with check-ins at various times on the Friday, and a final one at 6am on Saturday to line up in number order for the wristbands (which were organised by "the U2 fan club", not the venue).

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