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The Mood Thread (Reboot)


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On ‎11‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 4:43 PM, illumination70 said:

I'm currently feeling frustrated with individuals who "rain on everyone's parade". If someone takes joy in the small blessings life has to offer who are these snobs to roll their eyes at them.  In conclusion, if a less-fortunate individual is happy over something small, for God's sake let them be happy by not looking their gift horse in the mouth.

Agreed. Being grateful is so key...I'm sure I get snobs rolling their eyes at me and while they do, I get to be happy!

DEFIANT JOY is what Bono calls it right!?  HAHA! Take that individuals who rain on other's parades!  Marching on with you, illumination70!

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19 hours ago, illumination70 said:

My current mood is mixed with shock, sadness, and anger since we just got some very bad news a few minutes ago.  

My current mood is sympathetic...sorry to hear of this loss, illumination70. May God's comfort be yours.

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16 hours ago, illumination70 said:

Sorry for the negativity, but  the tears finally came this morning which can be a good thing during the grieving/cleansing process.

Tears are good...part of living, grieving, being whole and complete. If we didn't have tears how could we know defiant joy?

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