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Amsterdam 29 July #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread

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21 hours ago, dennishendrix said:

What a night it was. Great concert and enjoyed it together with mij wife. This was number 14 for me and that in de Johan Cruijff Arena, the Dutch Legend number 14!!!!

See you soon.

I was there with my daughter Saturday, what a night, everything was perfekt. 

And number 14, what a player he was. My all time favorite!!  R.I.P. ?


Cheers from Denmark. 

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On 7/29/2017 at 2:42 PM, Max Tsukino said:

not Matt... but...

there might be a few feeds, but you need to wait until closer to the show...

LOL!!! MAX!!! Sorry, my brain was melting from the heat here!!! LOL!!! Thanks for all your help in providing links to access to shows...Some Periscopes feeds were simply AMAZING!!!! Once again, thank you and will talk with you when the Boys are back in the USA...As they say, BOYS WILL BE BOYS...i HAVE HAD THE SONG BY THE UNDERTONES STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR SO LONG...Maybe they should open the next section of the tour with that song instead of the Whole of the Moon, by the Waterboys...There is a footage of my brothers best friend that died surfing Mavericks to the Waterboys song, THIS IS THE SEA...Here is a link since the tour is off righ now. There is footage of Mark Foo dying in the official video, surfind Mavericks. He pretty much lived at my mom and dads house for years and we were all tour together, yes, the USA and World Tour. My brother was a tour pro and I was scheduled to become one of the bet female pro surfers in history, I was at Huntington Beach with my board that was RED and had the UF (Unforgettable Fire Logo) on it in 1988, the year Huntington Beach in California went up in flames from protests, I think it was 88 it may have been 1987, I know Kelly Slater lost it, he was little and just wanted to hold my board, I have known him we were kids, I know in 1985 U2 was playing the US festival. I actually have a phto on a HUGE WAVE making a bottom turn and you can see the UF logo. Anyhow, long novel but Mark was a dear friend of mine and my family. So until the shows start again here is the video this is the last video or photo ever taken of Mark one of the best biggest wave surfers of all time. There is footage at 1:10 and died at the 6:22 minute. there is footage of my brother in there too///THIS IS THE TRUE WATERBOYS SONG NOT THE WHOLE OF THE MOON


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