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Multiple Tickets for Sale due to Ticketmaster App Error

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I have multiple tickets for sale at face value due to an error on Tickemaster app. Ticketmaster will not refund, so I am stuck with too many tickets.  I tried to buy tickets as soon as they went on sale thinking the show would sell out.  I kept getting errors on the Ticketmaster app.  Though I was given an error the tickets were still purchased.  Ticketmaster will not refund and suggested I sell on their 'resale' site which tacks on $50 in fees for me and $50 in fees for the purchaser!  Anyways I have the following tickets available for what I paid:

Section 108, Row 35, Seats 11-14 (4 tickets)  - $315 each X 4

Section 108, Row 38, Seats 3-4 (2 tickets) - $315 each X 2

These will get you closer than what you can buy on the ticketmaster site at the same price.  I can provide proof of purchase. These are hard tickets that I will mail out upon payment with venmo. I would also possibly consider payment thru paypal as well, or I can meet you there and walk in with you.   Thanks!

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How could Ticketmaster not issue you a refund for something their software caused? I'm sorry that happened to you. A similar thing happened to me buying GA tickets to one of the IE shows at the forum. I unknowingly bought 2 GA tickets twice. The Ticketmaster agent I spoke to at the time was extremely helpful and  offered me a refund. 

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