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You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

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On 11/26/2017 at 12:20 PM, sarah_hurding said:

My mum is called JOY too!!!   You guys might like this book I wrote with lots of storylines about your hero (s) ~  

You might all like this with a storyline about your favourite band! ~ ~extract from the book Mermaid In The Kitchen ~ 
.... *Bono is a patient, kind and tolerant man, loved by many. I think he is also misunderstood by many too. When I first arrived in Dublin, he talked to me about how he felt misunderstood, even mocked in his own country; and I could tell it weighed heavy on his heart. I loved theease between us with these early conversations. To be honest Bono helped me settle into Dublin. He energetically felt like my home from home. He was the one very warm and welcoming person, who actively supported me at a deeper level. If not for his grace and kindness I would not have stayed. Truth is I was away from home in a foreign land, even if family were only a quick jaunt back across the Irish Sea......*
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? Cool!

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Cd U2 Songs Of Experience deluxe - PRÉ-COMMANDE
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En cours de traitement
Précommande. Livraison le 06-12-2017
je suis déçue de recevoir cette pré commande Universal une semaine après la sortie officielle ! Ceci n’est pas normal.
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