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GA News for St. Louis Show

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I have GA news. 

The Dome is giving out numbered wrist bands beginning Saturday (9/16) at 7:00am at Gate A which is at the corner of 7th street and Convention Plaza. No word on what time a line can begin to form.

Once you have your wrist band, you are free to leave but you must be back around 2:00pm. The line will move inside Gate A at 3:00pm. Floor opens at 5:30pm. 

Once the line moves inside at 3:00pm, if you leave, you can't come back inside.

GA can only enter Gate A.

Now the question has been asked if the Dome will allow a line on the property on Friday or if they will politely tell people to go away until Saturday. Waiting on a responce 

Soon as I hear more info I will pass it on.

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Good morning from St Louis everyone!!  

The GA line has moved down the street from the Embassy Suite Hotel to the corner of 7th and Convention Plaza.  Come get a number.  
The Director of security has met with us and is on board with us and the line.  We apologize for the lack of information up until now, however as many of you know, there have been a number of safety concerns in the city, especially in recent days. This has resulted in having to strategically plan where and when to start the line and how to efficiently manage it until we are banded and the venue takes over on Saturday morning. As of right now, numbers will be given out at this spot and only one checkin will be conducted from 6-8 on Friday  evening. ALL PARTIES ON THE SAME CREDIT CARD MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME YOU RECEIVE YOUR NUMBER AND AT CHECK IN.
As far as the concern over this impending verdict to be dropped today and any potential safety issues...The mayor's office has assured us that the National Guard will be deployed to protect the fans coming in to the city for the show. As of right now, the plan is for everyone to be back on Saturday morning to line up in numbered order at 530 am SHARP at the spot where you recieved your number. There are obviously going to be some different circumstances with this venue due to safety concerns, however this is the plan for now. If ANYTHING changes due to safety, we will update this page IMMEDIATELY. Lastly, it is strongly suggested that you do not bring anything of value with you on Saturday morning when we are wristbanded just for safety's sake and you are encouraged to leave the area around the venue once banded until the time they have instructed us that morning to return to the venue which has typically been around 2pm. We WILL know more as the day progresses today hopefully from the venue and will update accordingly. PLEASE everyone be SAFE, have fun, enjoy your time here, and let's not allow violence to ruin the spirit of this show!!!

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