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Edge's charity Mencap video

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On 9/7/2017 at 7:26 AM, ciaralawrenceev said:

This week The Edge has appeared in a video for UK Leading Learning disability Charity Mencap supporting our #StopSleepInCrisis Campaign 


Thank you Ciara,

This is so important... Please sign the petition.

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Edge, Bono, Larry and Adam.


It seems like no matter what part of the world you are, the government do no what to help or will not help any charity at all.

If you ask me, I think everyone in the government should be made to give a generous donation to a charity each year out there own pocket.

And each year a different charity gets a generous donation. The higher up they are in the government the more they must give.

Instead of spending money on unnecessary bull S--- when they got everything already, they should give money to help different charity's, no matter what part of the world. It should not be always up to the small people - people that don't have much money or people with someone already that has someone you need to give that extra care. Edge, Bono, Larry, and Adam, I am so proud of all of you. You are four special guys with a big heart, for doing your own charity's and as a band. But even you can't give to everyone, and you shouldn't have to.

I have told you about my son Liam he go's by his dad's name I won't say for you only, he was born with a bad heart, he is 6 years old at school and he is very behind with everything, he still doesn't have much speech, and many other learning problems, so it is bloody hard at times. He needs someone to help with speech, and has a O.T to help as well, to see him at school. He also needs one on one help. So I understand it was very touching to hear Edge.

Edge I hope you get a lot of people to sign the petition, and I hope you get enough people.

I wish you the very best with your charity and I hope it all goes well for you from the bottom of my heart Edge.

Lots of love to you Edge, Bono, Larry and Adam, I wish you all well with your charity's. :u2-1383: :wub: Karen. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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