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Indianapolis 10 September #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread

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3 hours ago, U2LAWoman said:

Badsilver, I'm so sad and heartbroken with you. Thank God you are okay and your Mom, that is the most important thing. Able to walk away from something like this. I'll keep you in my prayers and will be thinking of you and your Mom and dedicate the show to you. Hopefully U2 play BAD.


Thank you so much-I will hang out on here and hope for some photos from peeps there! We are so very lucky! I really can't complain! Go Bad! 

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3 hours ago, wahine said:

I just want you to know--THIS HURRICANE IS HORRIBLE and I have lived out on this island for over 40 years, I have never seen a storm like this!!  IT IS LIKE A BEAST. I have a baby sea turtle in my garden, a wild outside cat in my bedroom and a pit bull next to me while I try to find some sort of NORMAL, the tornados are non stop.

That must be horrible! You and all creatures great and small that are near you, wahine, are in my prayers.

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