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Phoenix 19 September #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread

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I drew that in high school....it was fun and very faded now...very sorry I missed the thread last night....had to work! Booo

while we wait, something to read...

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12 hours ago, wahine said:

Hopefully, by show time, I will be calm enough to watch the concert. My house is so messed up from Irma, folks in our neighborhood are still waiting for power, I got hit by a huge coconut yesterday at my house, sick as a dog from it all,now some of our best friends live in PR and Maria is a Cat 5 hitting them tonight, power will be cut to Puerto Rico at 6pm. I REALLY NEED TO SHAKE THIS AND FIND SOME ME TIME, COME ON U2, TONIGHT WOULD BE GREAT FOR THE BEST SHOW EVER! We all need it!

Our hearts are for you and your recovery process, wahine♥️! May the force (power) be with you so you can enjoy the show from Arizona !

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Praying for Maria to dissipate!
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Just now, natural11 said:

Lovely beverages, people's hands and best of all those U2 JT Tour glasses! Great pic!

Yep....I had hoped to get one of those in St. Louis.

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