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Bono - Eugene H Peterson - Brasil - Political Crisis

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Dear Bono (Paul David Hewson)

I hope this letter reaches your hands (I hope so, and won't get lost with press and etc), because it comes from a letter that goes beyond the issue of U2. And Yes, of humanity, and religion, and above all, friendship.

I just read RUN WITH HORSES from Pastor Eugene H Peterson, inspired by the video of the meeting between the two. I was impressed with him, which I didn't know until then.

In fact, as he himself says in the book RUN WITH HORSES, the media has no interest in this kind of conversation. The media is more interested in the immature people, worship and small.

Despite being a fan of U2 since THE JOSHUA TREE, the first album that the 13 years I bought, and I have to this day, in the words of I'm STILL HAVEN´T FOUND got me from the beginning, and the poetry of RED HILL MINING TOWN (spoken part) moved me, for financial reasons, I won't be able to go to shows in São Paulo (I went on tour, VERTIGO).

We live here in Brazil, I think you should be well informed about this, hard times. Our democracy, which is so recent (1988) is in tatters. I know this because I follow daily political life of our country, and because I am a lawyer active in the cause of labour (labor lawyer). So, be careful in touching on the politics. Here are over, absolutely helpless, what I think will be the subject of actions at the UN so coward against de lider LUIZ INACIO LULA DASILVA, as well as the first woman President, DILMA HOUSSEFF.

The current Vice President (MICHEL TEMER), conspired against the two, and now are getting over, with schemes, social programs as valuable to this country and were governed in the Government of LULA and DILMA.

I hope God can continue lighting your mind and all your family, and, of course,  Adam, Edge and Larry, as well as their children and all your team.

With all my heart.

Luiz Fabiano de Oliveira Rosa (44 years old) - From Brazil. Brasília/DF.

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