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I am OFFICIALLY a GRANDMOTHER. My son, who defied every doctor, every researcher, everyone in the WORLD, is back 100 percent following testicular, spine, chest, lung cancer. 480 hours of chemo in one week blocks, off for two, back on for one, the regimen was 24/7 with 30 minutes off every 12 hours, Repeat 4 times, of the strongest chemo every given to a human. We were told he was STERILE. His girlfriend and him just gave birth during HURRICANE IRMA here in Melbourne Florida on the Space Coast on ofALL DATES 9/11. I had doubted it was his because so many world experts said it is IMPOSSIBLE, well results came back anything above 100 he cannot be ruled out, it came back 10,998,000. Potential Father, my Son, compared to his Daughter Scarlett, is 99.9999999 %. I will say THE most madness and Mayhem broke out, so much so that I cannot go into detail but she is his daughter, my Granddaugher, via DNA and Paternity tests. I had said in the beginning when he said it is not possible and his girlfriend wanted a BOY I siad Oh NO, it is GIRL. Things are EXTREMELY MESSED UP HERE, MY HUSBAND REFUSED TO SEE THE BABY UNTIL PATERNITY, Me? I went to the hospital and held her and when I looked into her eyes I felt like she could see into my soul. She would stop fussing when she heard my voice and just turn her head side to side trying to look. So, my husband told me do not get attached, EVERYONE told me do not get attached but this little girl had already known me and I knew her. The fallout in the family is HORRENDOUS. It was like Jerry Springer episode that get going and going and of course I did not approve of how there was no bed here, no clothes, on and on. When myhusband returned andwas told  the truth, following throwing out of my son from our lives, I have never seen that look on his face. He kept saying HOW CAN THIS BE? THE BEST DOCTORS IN THE WORLD SAID HE CANNOT HAVE CHILDREN, NOT NATURALLY, My husbands business partner has his PHD fromHarvard in Microbiology which reinforced what every doctor has said. I told my husband, they said our son was oging to die, which he almost did, I never left his side, they said he was sterile, which is why we paid so much money keeping everything in a sperm bank in Miami. WELL, THE DOCTORS ALL OVER THE WORLD, INCLUDING TOP CANCER DOCTORS, EVERY PHYSICIAN, HAS BEEN PROVEN WRONG. I wish things  were better, I listened to my heart, not doctors, same doctors who said he would never surf again, he was parlyzed chest down, I worked night and day with him, he is surfing better than he ever has, he is able to go back to work, which he is now the top judge in jsurfing onthe East Coast and USA now and MAY, MAY BEING THE KEY WORD, make the Olympic Team for2020 in Japan for surfing, he holds a silver and a bronze already from World Games. NO DOCTOR CAN EXPLAIN ANY OF THIS. I only knowmy husband has not held her, I dont know ifhe ever will, but I was there and took our family photos, etc. She is one month and 3 days today. Every doctor is studying her. In the meantime, my heart has been ripped out but they things said, She has beautiful big blue eyes, tha will stay blue, and a light to blond as she grows, she was born with dark hair, it will turn blond, SHE IS PERFECT, PASSED EVERY TEST WITH FLYING COLORS. She will be a BEAUTY, like I said, no matter what she is doing all I have to say is HELLO BABY and she stops, stares, and tries to grasp my hair. BLESSINGS ARE NEVER DRESSED IN RIBBONS AND BOWS, THEY ARE MESSY AND THEY HURT...So, my ONLY Granddaugher came into this wolrd durng a hurricane, flooding,and the entire    WORLD seems messed up, on Patriots Day her in the USA, on 9;11. Her name is Scarlett. I pray the rifts will be healed my son lef out homre DESTORYED, never one pkced up a branch for all the debris. WELOME TO THE WORLD SCARLET  I loved you before you born, sorry for the NOVEL. I had no one to share my joy with. My Mother and Father are in Heaven and even with DNA my family is still uneasy. Me? I HAVE BEEN ON MY KNES NON STOP THANKING THE G-D OF ISRAEL AND JESUS. OK, so this surfer Mom is OFFICALLY A GRANDMOTHER TO A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL NAMED SCARLETT

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