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SMS Messaging participation

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Has anyone tried to sign up and submit to this on their accounts? 


If so, did you receive any kind of confirmation or acknowledgement that you were successful?

Nothing happened when I tried. My screen refreshed, but no message of confirmation that I was successful, no SMS message acknowledging registration. Are we just supposed to wait and see if we were successful when on-sales are announced if we get a code or not?

So, here's the brilliant reply I got from U2.com:

Hi Greg,
Sorry to hear you are not sure if you successfully signed up for the SMS Messaging.
You will not receive a confirmation text, once you have entered  your mobile number!
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.
Hope this email finds you well and enjoying the day, Greg!
If you need anything else, just reply to this email!
U2.com Team



Does anyone know if this link is active? Is there a possibly a glitch or technical issue? Or is it just my 3 computers that can't get anything?


Thanks, all! Help would be appreciated!

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Update: I have since received this reply from U2.com team:


Hi Greg,


Thank you for your email. I'll be glad to assist you today.


As long as you filled in the correct mobile number, and you checked the box that says: "I agree to receive SMS messages in order to participate in subscriber presales if and when the band goes on tour, and understand that I may not be a part of the first ticket presale opportunity without supplying this information." Then you are signed up.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


So, if any of who are curious, according to them, just make sure you have your correct number entered and have the agreement box checked, and, hopefully (fingers crossed) all will be well.

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I always sign up for these pre-sales and they never work for me. When I had an issue with activating one of my credit cards and they tried to SMS me a temporary code they told me that a lot of cellphone services disable SMS messages automatically because they consider it to be spam. :rolleyes: 

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