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Have Some Halloween Fun, It Maybe A Story Fiction Or Non Fiction, Or A Joke. Anything You Like, You Can Bring U2 Into It If You Wish. Have Fun.

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I wonder if U2 play games at Halloween?

I know what they can play?

It's called The Smashing Pumpkins. Ha! Ha! Ha!


I'm feeling hungry?

Mmmmm I smell irish blood.

It's U2, they look tasty.

Larry how cute you are, your neck is nice and soft and so very cool.

Bite! Mmmm tasty! The perfect beat.

The Edge how groove you are, I can hear the music running through your vains.

Bite! Mmmm tasty! Musical.

Adam how lovely you are, you look delicious.

Bite! Mmmmt tasty! There's nothing like the taste of bass.

That was main course, now for dessert.

Bono how sexy you are, so very cute and such lovely blue eyes, and your skin is so soft.

I must lick the neck first to taste.

Mmmm he taste so sweet I must have a bite.

Bite! Mmmm tasty! Bono he is just so sweet he really is ths sweetest thing.

But I must stop, I can't have too much or I will burn up.

Mmmm! That was the perfect feast. Tasty?


Happy Helloween everyone.

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If I could play "costume designer for Bono and the band this Halloween,, here's what I would do:

 Larry Mullen Jnr & Anne:  Elvis and Priscilla Presley

The Edge and Morleigh: US Campers/hikers

Adam Clayton, Mariana and baby daughter: Father Time, Mother Nature and Baby New Year 2018!!

Bono and Ali: Napolean and Josephine

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11 hours ago, illumination70 said:


At our place we get a coupIe dozen kids at a time or more here In S.A. they all try and get at the door at once, and then more when It Is night. Yep they are all on the grab.

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