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U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread


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11 minutes ago, KEV ANGELL said:

Have to say I cannot get my head around what has happened here, from what I read some people who have been U2 Fan Club members right from the start have not received pre sale codes and if so this is very disappointing. Whilst we all understand that U2.Com cannot guarantees tickets for shows, surely fans who have been paid members since the early 1980’s should be sent codes and not put in a lottery.

U2 have always looked after their fans and I know Larry in particular has got pretty upset in the past when things haven’t gone to plan. 

I don’t know where the problem lies but I do think that there cannot be that many Experience group fans that they exceed ticket availability across all the shows. 

Us European fans now have all this to come and I hope perhaps lessons will have been learnt but that doesn’t help some US fans who appear to have been let down by this process and I am genuinely upset for them. 

This is not the Mods fault at all and I know they will be feeling as frustrated by all this as fans who have been let down and I really hope somehow, some way these true U2 fans will be looked after and tickets sourced for them. 

KEV ANGELL you are absolutely right. It's not the Mods fault and I'm sure they are doing the best they can to get the right information out as soon as they learn of it.

I fault Ticketmaster/Live Nation.  Given the expected demand, there should be better system--than what currently exists--to meet it.  U2 must be at or near the top (of the demand list) and I hoped for something better than this.  This is terrible and such a disappointment.  I still have no code and I don't think I'm getting one.

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Well, just as suspected.  I got no seats during the Los Angeles presale.  I'm a fast typer and still was only offered nosebleed seats for $330 each, or $111 seats behind the stage or obstructed view seats.  I'm a diehard GA or RedZone concert goer for all U2 shows.  This is the same reason why I missed the JT 2017 tour. I"m so sad now.:( Still hitting "search again," but eventually I'll do it so much that TM will think I'm a robot and lock my account like they did once before.

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