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U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread


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9 hours ago, Sleathy! said:

Any news on the european Dates as yet???

I don't know if anyone knows yet - at least here. I've even heard a moderator or two say here recently that they haven't heard anything yet.

I'm personally curious whether they are going to begin selling tickets for the European tour first, or selling tickets for extra shows on the leg announced so far that are clearly (IMHO anyway) going to happen eventually (e.g., third shows for NYC and/or LA and/or Chicago).

I guess we'll find out before too long...


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4 hours ago, tvgio.com said:

Hi, what about 2018 subscriber gift? Any rumours of what could it be ?

We don’t know what it is yet; but check back, as soon as we know, we will post the info in here. 

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I re-subscribed a few days ago. Whilst doing so, i found it farcical, that i was asked to choose between receiving last years gift, or 2018s gift, which they cant tell me what it is. What a joke!

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On 02/01/2018 at 7:57 PM, chulia83 said:

Hello everybody,

i wish you all the best and lots of great music and wonderful U2 moments for 2018 :) 

a friend just sent me this article, not quite sure if this is the best thread to put it in but at least many ppl have been active here the last weeks... 



not sure if it will help all over Europe or USA or elsewhere in the world but it is a start maybe... 


I see it doesnt ban Bots completely from buying tickets, only prevents them from bulk buying. I reckon they will find a way around this new law and nothing will actually change, in favour of the real fans

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