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U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread


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1 minute ago, NC_Page said:

It is November 10, 2018.  I have received no notification of the shipment of the 2018 subscriber gift.  What is the plan?

gifts are sent in batches and groups, so it's very possible that your notification is still pending... another factor is your resubscription date...

please have patience...

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On 11/6/2018 at 8:36 PM, Falling At Your Feet said:

My membershio expires on December 5th 2018, and i have been receiving resunscriotion messages. I received U2 3 D Dance vinyl a while back as part of  the 2018 membership package..


The Problem:

When i go to renew, i only have options to: 1)select the Joshia Tree Singles Vinyl set, or, 2) selectthe U2 3 Dances vinyl, or 3) both.of the above

As i already have these, all i want to do, is resubscribe and get the 2019 gift, which i know is not announced yet.

Any update moderators ? 


Also, what is the procedure, if my subscription lapses without this issue has not been resolved

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I got my gift in the mail. There was a lag between when I got my email saying it had been shipped and when the actual tracking number appeared in my account; in the store; under orders; at the bottom of the page. When I went into my account-it originally said the shipment date was last May, which is when I renewed my subscription.  I could see that was the case so I ignored it.   The same thing has happened in the past so I knew to not worry.  I got the email, saying it had been shipped, on November 1, 2018.  The email did provide tracking info but it takes a bit for any actual information to appear.  It says the shipment is being readied or processed or something of the sort.  It took a week or so before I could track and see concrete shipping details.  I received my vinyl on November 14.  It's heavyweight vinyl.  I really like the inner sleeve picture.  The other pictures, which were inserted in the sleeve, are also nice.  They brought back pleasant Rattle and Hum memories.  It was not damaged.  I can tape the box back up and put it away for safe keeping-next to TJT30 vinyls.  I think I'm going to frame one of the inserted pics and put it on a wall, along with my favorite IE lithograph.  All in all, it was a smooth process because I knew, from past experience, not to worry about the timing of it.

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