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U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread


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I got my gift in the mail. There was a lag between when I got my email saying it had been shipped and when the actual tracking number appeared in my account; in the store; under orders; at the bottom of the page. When I went into my account-it originally said the shipment date was last May, which is when I renewed my subscription.  I could see that was the case so I ignored it.   The same thing has happened in the past so I knew to not worry.  I got the email, saying it had been shipped, on November 1, 2018.  The email did provide tracking info but it takes a bit for any actual information to appear.  It says the shipment is being readied or processed or something of the sort.  It took a week or so before I could track and see concrete shipping details.  I received my vinyl on November 14.  It's heavyweight vinyl.  I really like the inner sleeve picture.  The other pictures, which were inserted in the sleeve, are also nice.  They brought back pleasant Rattle and Hum memories.  It was not damaged.  I can tape the box back up and put it away for safe keeping-next to TJT30 vinyls.  I think I'm going to frame one of the inserted pics and put it on a wall, along with my favorite IE lithograph.  All in all, it was a smooth process because I knew, from past experience, not to worry about the timing of it.

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