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U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread


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3 minutes ago, monica martino said:

@bigwave there's no way to drop the zero, it's included automatically by the system 



when setting up, add your country code symbol, and drop '0' etc, like image example number, (then when verified it will show the '0' automatically')



Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 01.12.58.png

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47 minutes ago, sbeck said:

Oh ok, so there isn't even somewhere to go to even PICK a 2018 gift choice at this time?  Thus if you reup today, which many are, they are also having to select the 4 (record) singles?

When you go in to renew, it gives you two renewal options to choose from. The first is the yet announced 2018 gift or the JT vinyl collection. 

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2 minutes ago, grahammstuart said:

I know this is an early announcement, but I can't imagine U2 not playing a Toronto date, or Ottawa or a Montreal weekend date...Toronto is closest, I am willing to drive a bit but I know work won't fit the only Canadian date :(


 idea if more dates are to come?


I can't imagine that the dates listed are all they will be playing on this tour. I can't remember the last time they only played MSG for one night. In 2015, they played 8 nights at the Garden. It may not be as many this time, since they are also appearing at Nassau Coliseum and the Pru, but this can't be the full list. My guess is that they are still nailing down some dates, but wanted the tour announcement out with the "official" album release date.

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This may help in understanding the differences in presales. I have had similar Verified experiences with some posting here- got standby for last 2 shows I tried to register for and got no codes. I get that it helps deter scalping but it also makes Live Nation and in turn TM a monopoly which uses algorithms to choose who gets a chance to purchase a ticket and who doesn’t. The following indicates that you can partipate in all 3 presales. Codes will be lottery for 2 of them.   Subs  will be guaranteed a code based on seniority. Secondary markets will make a killing for those wanting more than one show.  Nice solution right. Buy Live Nation stock- they will rule the entertainemnt industry going forward.


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