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U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

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13 minutes ago, Lan said:

Very confusing process.  I just called the u2 fanclub number listed and was told (by Mariana) we are not even guaranteed to receive a code at all now?  I know we are not guaranteed tickets, but no guarantee for receiving a code via text??  The person was adamant about this...

Sorry about quoting myself, but "Mariana" insisted that as fanclub members we are not even guaranteed to receive a code at all.  Could someone verify this?  

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Did you guys all receive the email from u2.com announcing a tour yesterday?  I did not receive one at all and have always received their emails.  If I can't even receive an email announcing the tour, this ordering tickets/text via cell phone business is making me nervous. :(  

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8 minutes ago, monica martino said:


I was asking to lan , regarding his phone call :)

Monica, it's regarding u2.com fan club members.  I even called back twice to verify this and she, once again, said that as fan club members we are not even guaranteed to receive a code.  Hoping it was just a mistake on her end, but not sure at this point.  

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14 minutes ago, oli g said:

This is all so confusing... Could one of the mods please help with the following question?

I did NOT use my code for Joshua Tree tour. My Verified Subscriber setup is complete.

I intend to use my code to buy 2 tickets for a North American show.

Once that code is used, if I renew my subscription, will I get a new code for 2 additional presale tickets that I can use  for additional North American shows which are expected to be announced after the initial sale?

Or is the presale limit 2 tickets per subscriber no matter what?

Please clarify...

Thank you!


The JT code will be wiped out.  It will not work for EI.  With EI code you have the chance to get 2 tickets. 

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2 minutes ago, kwaite said:

The JT code will be wiped out.  It will not work for EI.  With EI code you have the chance to get 2 tickets. 

I know the JT code will not work.

My question is this: Since I did not use my JT code, I do not need to renew my subscription now in order to be eligible to receive a code for 2 tickets for EI as Verified Subscriber.

If I use this code and AFTER USING IT I renew my subscription, am I eligible to receive a new code for 2 additional EI tickets as part of my renewed subscription (additional NA dates, Europe, RoW)?


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I did not receive an email about the tour either.  I was also told when I called into the Fan Club that we were not guaranteed a code, and tickets were first come first serve. I getting too old for this.  I can only hope for the best now!  Good luck to all of us!

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This is the email from U2.com received yesterday.


Songs of Experience arrives on December 1stand the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tourcomes to North American arenas in May. Ticket presales begin on November 14th and U2.com Subscribers are first in line.

This time around, the U2.com Subscriber presale will be powered by Verified Fan, an initiative to keep tickets out of the hands of scalpers and into the hands of fans. Visit your Account onU2.com and complete your Setup so you don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get tickets before everyone else.
   Start Setup Now   

Pre-order Songs of Experience today and download up to four tracks immediately - ‘Get Out of Your Own Way', ‘You’re the Best Thing About Me,’ 'The Blackout,’ and the Kygo remix of 'You're The Best Thing About Me'. 
   Pre-order Now   

Best wishes
The U2.com Team

#U2SongsofExperience #U2eiTour  

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youtube google+ tumbler
This email is sent from
Live Nation Entertainment
450 Mission Street, Ste. 300
SFCA 94105
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