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U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread


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yes amazing to see Bigwave, someone who has replied to me before many times.  Cool to put a face and voice to the name.

Thanks for all the efforts.


OOPS Forgot my question.  So if we get something the "tips" text tonight is that mean we can expect the code the next day?  When will people with profile issues know they aren't getting a code?

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3 minutes ago, miki_barrett said:

I just want to clarify that I am ok for tomorrow. I didn't get a text message when I registered my phone number ???? 

No text messages have been sent out as of yet.  If you have the green "Set Up Complete" box, you should be good to go.


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1 minute ago, miki_barrett said:

Great ?. Fingers crossed ?. 

One further question- what time is pre-sale on at ??? 

eXPERIENCE group, 10.00 AM LOCAL TIME Tuesday 14th Nov.

iNNOCENCE group, 10.00 AM PACIFIC TIME ALL SHOWS Wednesday 15th Nov (note difference)


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19 hours ago, Snakefish said:

I'm going to assume they'll be using credit card entry for this 2018 Tour - as it was used in the last 2 Tours. It's a good system.

But I guess you want to hear an official reply from U2.com 

I asked this, and reply was

We are not aware of any delivery restrictions on this. All formats should be available.


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