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Downloaded all that was offered today and I am...

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Very happy!

Little things, for me, is still a little bit in the lead actually...at least from a lyrical standpoint. (Also, I am a bit biased as my Mom was finally departing after a 2 year battle with Dementia and the first listen of the song was 2 weeks before God finally took her home~ So, you can understand why it is relevant) 

American Soul sound like a conduit between SOI and SOE as Volcano lives in this song. Only one listen, worried there may be too much 'trying to be relevant to the current landscape of the world', I'd love to hear the differences between 8 months or so ago and today. Not sure when it was, when Bono and Edge mentioned "the current state of the world needs to be in these songs...terror, storms and big mouth politics" (paraphrased obviously)

YTBTAM is probably the most 'radio friendly' of all that I have heard, although have only listened to GOOYOW twice, but the hook seems stronger in Best Thing.

Blackout, SO MUCH BETTER than hearing the crowd noise, still unsure of the tune...June

Just so darn happy that I can still feel like a crazy excited 16 year old seeing the guys live at Toads in New Haven CT and then waiting for LP after LP for 38 years straight!

December 1st can't come soon enough and then, see you in LA in May and again in NYC in June!



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Little Things, The Blackout have the classic U2 signature - great songs, American Soul U2 trying to get out of their comfort zone i like it will grow on me with more listens. 

YTBTAM solid U2 song nice not great

GOOYOW weakest of the lot - we expect better from the best band on the planet. 

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