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New Album with Ticket Purchase

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Never got anything about a cd or download and bought tickets weeks ago!!!

Anyone get anemail notification for the CD download/order if you purchased tickets in the presale thru AXS for either of the Vegas shows? I got tickets for the second Vegas night and still don't have

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4 hours ago, FAUCamp-out said:

Re:Vegas Show #2 thru AXS tickets during presale

For what it’s worth for others, I still don’t have any email about downloading or receiving physical CD. I’ve searched my spam folder as well.  I spent over an hour on hold twice yesterday with AXS tickets before I had to hangup and giveup. It is really annoying that presale fans who bought tickets didn’t get emails the day of to download the new album. We will apparently count as “sales” for the billboard charts but we can’t even listen to it yet. If this was smoothly running, we should have link to download AND receive a physical copy of we want, just like if you buy most CDs on Amazon. Or for the prices we paid for tickets, physical CDs should have been overnighted. 

If anyone from Vegas thru AXS tickets gets an email, please post. I’ll do the same. 

I purchased tickets from AXS for both Vegas shows. The CD's are going to arrive Monday, and I just got this email for download access, which IIRC looked just like the email I got previously to redeem for the CD's. As with the CD's, it's all being fulfilled by OneLiveMedia. I wonder if the email addresses for Ticketmaster/AXS have to be the same for U2.com to pass along the info for fulfillment? 

Here is a screenshot of the email. *Edit - just realized the codes they sent allow the CD or download option, but since I've already got the CD's on the way it probably wouldn't be wise to have that option again.  

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And 2 weeks after the "redeem" e-mail , i got 


Hi Luc!


Thanks for shopping the U2 - non-TM Store. This email confirms the following items from your order xxxxxxx have shipped via IMEX Standard:


Name: U2 Songs of Experience CD

Item Number: X6CD023

Quantity Shipped: 1


Shipped To:

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Nothing yet here continued.....

So $1,300 in tickets and an email that clearly is Ticketmaster's responsibility to send as indicated on their ticket ordering page and nada. Contacted TM two days ago and no response so far.

Then, while Capital One clearly understood and processed a charge for $85 ,and I paid on my CC bill for my 2018 subscription renewal over a month ago ( I renew in late December), U2.com can't seem to find it to move forward my renewal date. Phone call to CS on 11/26 and no response, follow-up via contact form on 12/3 and a response yesterday saying " we still can't find it".  Of course Joshua Tree vinyl did show up to order at no charge so you would think that would indicate a 2018 subscription payment had been processed, but logic hasn't prevailed yet,

I truly empathize with all the moving parts that have to now be supported when U2 ( the band) signed their lives away but E-Commerce is really, really easy in 2017, yet it seems like the first rodeo for everyone involved with a lot of finger pointing in each direction. 

It's a shame and my wife and I have supported U2 since we met in college in 1979, But when your most die-hard fans are now just throwing up their hands and say screw it, it's just not a good thing. Goodwill is a really hard thing to earn back and I know a lot of people here care, you're just powerless to fix it...

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