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Unclear situation for Europe

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wait until the EU presale process starts, please

thank you so much for this important information U2 sister! much appreciated,have a beaU2iful day!

I'm in the uk and only looking to purchase tickets in Europe.  I phoned the help line and was told NOT to link my account with ticjetmaster in the US. Keep my account as "set up incomplete" and wait f

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It's also been stated that the Verified Fan process was only being used for North America. Keeping everything crossed that is the case.  Although the ticket prices I'm seeing quotes are making me wonder whether I'll be thinking twice about paying up.  GA sadly no longer an option for me because of health issues but I'm not going to pay silly money for restricted views or seats way up high.

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beware Europe

we are now in the con artist era not the musical artist era.

never trust a U2 presale. it won't matter if you have been a member for 10 or 20 years without a lapse in dues. come presale day you are 6 letter code gone bad from no tickets. 


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On 05/11/2017 at 11:24 AM, iley.family said:

I didn't Monica. I initially linked my account with ticketmaster US and had the set up complete in green showing. I rang the helpline to check I had done the right thing. He told me to disconnect this and wait for news on the European dates. 

Did you go as far as getting a US presale code? I did, didn’t use it and am now worried I won’t get sent a UK/Europe code despite not having applied for any tickets yet and having now unlinked from TM US - I have ‘incomplete’ again on my account. This is a mess and I have only done what I was instructed IMO.

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Calm down people, we've all been here before, this is what we've been told, 

1. Europe dates announced in Jan 2018

2. Paid subscription members will get a code for first pre sale,.1- Experience members then 2-Innocent members.

3. If you don't use your code for U.S. dates then you can buy international tickets with it in 2018. Verified or not, if you got a code, it will work

4. Pre order the album cd before end of November to get a code for 3rd pre sale sent to you in January 2018

5. Listen carefully! No purchase is required to get a cd code! Read the terms and conditions, if you follow the link a code will be sent for free.

6. Recent past tours have been mainly ticketless for arenas and paper tickets for studium, probably due to crowd numbers and logistics 

7. Chillax mofo's 

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12 hours ago, ingenpat said:

I did not renewed my membership yet. Because I thought the procedure was only for US.

If I renew now, I will get automaticly a code for the presale EU? Or do I have to wait till the official announcement? 

If you used presale codes from your 2017 subscription to get tickets for the JT30 shows then you will need to have renewed for 2018 to be eligible for the e+i presale. So I think renewing any time from now will be fine. I'm not due to renew until March so I'm waiting for now, but realise I'll have to renew earlier than usual.

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