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That will be fantastic!, I got general admission tickets but I'm well happy just that. Hardly anyone got any of the GA let alone the superfan, think you're the only one I know that has! 

Some get tickets some don't, that's the way it is. 

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Please use the link below to register.:D


MTV Presents Trafalgar Square


MTV is set to honour stellar rock band U2 with the Global Icon award at the 2017 MTV EMAs.  The band will mark the occasion with a live EMA performance in London’s landmark Trafalgar Square, in the heart of the city, on Saturday 11 November for MTV Presents Trafalgar Square.

Tickets for this special show will be free (max 2 tickets per person).  

Click on the link below and enter your email address before 10pm on Tuesday 7 November in order to be entered into the MTV Presents Trafalgar Square ticket ballot.

If successfully drawn, you will be contacted on an email on Wednesday 8 November, which will include a one-time-use unique code and link to obtain up to 2 show tickets.

Guests under 16 must be accompanied by an adult + 18.

For more information go to www.mtv.co.uk/mtvpresents

Email Address
Re-enter email address
First Name
Last Name
Please check this box if you require wheelchair access.
Postcode (please enter with spaces e.g. WC2N 5DX)
Phone number
Yes, I agree to receive emails from MTV Presents
I have read and accept Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


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Does anyone know what time it's finishing?

Email says collect wristbands before 2pm and to arrive at Trafalgar Square by 3pm. And for U2 to play for 40 minutes.

I need to leave at 6.50 - 7pm because I would have to catch a train to Doncaster because I'm on stage at my own gig at 10pm


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