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I am a long time fan. Haven missed a tour since 1987. Actually I am a Superfan! And I was one of the lucky fans to get 2 tickets. I am in Dublin and got 2 of the Superfan ones, not the GM ones  got our wristbands and got to Traf Sq by 3. We were given numbers on our hands. Mine was 108/109 and we were in front row 

Thank you so so much for doing this for your fans U2!! I appreciate it so much and felt so lucky to be there in London.  I will neveR forget it! ☘️☘️☘️☘️


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That will be fantastic!, I got general admission tickets but I'm well happy just that. Hardly anyone got any of the GA let alone the superfan, think you're the only one I know that has! 

Some get tickets some don't, that's the way it is. 

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Yes, it was something to see indeed. London... London. 

However I was not convinced of the new songs they are lame sorry to say The Little Things is so far far beyond all the others so far why? cos it rings true and honest and with u2 (and some other bands) that is the only thing I am interested in. However looks like Bono has a very nice jacket and a better hair color too

is it only me who sees there is something wrong there

Dont know global icons yes sure they are they are but it takes two minutes we are all gone. Lovely they fight against it! And London:wub:



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2 hours ago, monica martino said:

Adam was simply perfect B)

Bono should really do something to "his" hair :wacko:

Bono's hair seems to be coming back around to a vague reprisal of his Atomic Bomb era hair. I don't know entirely how to feel about it. Then again, it is just hair...

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It looked good, Trafalgar Square, Bonos jacket etc. and the songs were okay and I think they could retire after all it cannot ever reach anymore the hights and we all know that it is natural and basic

the new songs are okay but something has been lackin for a decade

the scene of 360 was clever in many ways amazing also cos it hid the not so young band it was easy for them to hide in there

fans are not lacking that is certain but unfortunately nowadays I see no reason I mean yes, nice to be an elder we go strong! band but for me that is not U2 enymore OR okay, maybe U2 will now on continue as a mature kinda eagles and country gray band okay

I fell disgusted they´ll go elvis or any stuff like that and lately I have felt they do there is a difference of a sense of passion and a sense of trying to be passionate and for a passionate band like U2 have been it is obviously a bit tuff for a fan to figure out

like in every great band  and it does not really matter

nothing really matters, anyone can see, nothing really matters, nothing really matters, to me

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