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Have You Ever Visited Any Of The Joshua Tree Iconic Places?

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My friends and I have been out to "The Tree" twice: once in 2006, then again 3 years later in 2009. I hope I can return again someday, even if the JT has disintegrated by then. At the risk of sounding cheesy, It's such a beautiful and peaceful spot. 







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I totally remember seeing the inflatable lemon in the suitcase that's there! I did a solo desert sojourn in the summer of 2016 where I drove from Venice to 29 Palms and stayed at the Harmony Motel, th

I went in June 2016. It was an incredible experience. I have two pieces of advice for those considering a visit: 1) Do your research before you go. The GPS coordinates are on the internet, you ju

Worse story ever- I lost my camera 2 days after visiting in June 2014!!!  My husband had graciously helped me find it and hiked out there with me- so I had a photographer the whole time, too!!! 

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Hi we went on a Musical Journey a few years ago you can read my short essay and see a couple of pictures at the below links; will try and dig out some more photos to post



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No I havent and I dont want to see cactuses I want to see great live bands have seen U2 and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in London O2

the cactus and the song again in Prague one of the best rock songs ever incl. a story

for Jubilee Line, London


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