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Anyone Receive the Email Today?

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Hi Everyone, I called U2.com to clear up when emails go out to the different groups and when we'll receive the codes. I spoke with Hector (who was awesome!). Here's what he said: Innocence G

The pretense that TicketMaster cares about deterring scalpers is laughable. 

I just got off the phone with the U2.com customer service. I can't believe this is actually true but apparently they did in fact use the BS verified fan lottery for presale tickets for fan club member

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5 minutes ago, dmbfan36 said:

Eff this. So innocence group people will get codes when some experience people do not?


Not everyone in the Innocence group will be getting codes either. Only the people picked by whatever nonsense system that Ticketmaster has made up are getting presale access. Everyone else is not getting anything.

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6 hours ago, AP1 said:

Hi, thanks for all your hard work.

I have not yet received any confirmation email re: 11/14 presale (I'm in the Experience group) and my set up was complete last week. Nothing in my spam box either.

Never did get the confirmation email, but I did receive the purchase link and code via text a little while ago. Good luck to everyone.

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I got both emails (the "you're verified and will receive your code in the morning" one and then the "correction - no you're not" one about two hours later) last night.  I truly was mentally prepared to get screwed and not get approved, as I had already registered for the Citibank "verified fan" presale just in case I got shut out on this one.  I realize that even having membership didn't guarantee me a presale code.

But to be sent a "you're in" email and then receive a "oh, we're sorry, we screwed up, you're actually not...." message afterward is just wrong.  Crushing.  Someone's head should roll on this one.

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3 minutes ago, jeffwalsh said:

Only the Innocence people who also win the lottery, it would seem...

Right, but if eXPERIENCE people are shutout. All innocence should be... that’s how seniority works.


did you get a rep, or are you still on hold? I keep getting busy signals.

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